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Monday, August 5, 2013

Birthdays Again - Mine & Glenys's

This years birthday is the one that keeps on giving. If I had to celebrate one year for each day I got a present I would have almost skipped a decade.

My latest & last present for this year was from my lovely friend Melody from The House on the Side of the Hill. Even with all that was happening with her DIL's medical emergency Mel was still worried my present would be posted late. Any day is a great day for a present sweet Mel & especially given the circumstances. Check out Mel's blog and the other colourways she has made in this bag - they all look so good.

I was charmed by the wrapping stage and a ticket to win the raffle quilt from the NOTY Quilters that Mel belongs too.

Here are the fat quarters Mel sent for the FQ Birthday swap. Yummo! Bonus choccies that match beautifully & didn't taste bad either. I took the pics that night so for once you are seeing a full box of chocolates!

And my bag, made of beautiful Bunny Hill fabrics and embellished with doilies, lace, crochet etc. Isn't it a beauty with chocolate brown lining with pockets. Bunny Hill fabrics!

For once I now have a choice of gorgeous fabric bags thanks to Mel, Anthea & Shez. Thanks again sweet Mel, you know I love it all! xx

Glenys, my partner on the Mrs Martin's year long swap has also just had her birthday so now on to what I sent to Glenys.  The brief was to send something to do with our beloved sewing so thinking about what I have made & use all the time, I made Glenys a couch companion. Mine has been going strong for 10 years plus & keeps some of my most needed supplies and tools in one place so I know where to find them. Believe me, that is quite a feat!

I made it in country colours that Glenys loves and even wrapped it in a nice green fabric that was part of the fabrics used. Good choice on my behalf too. When Glenys wrote she was going to use it straight away with some Marg Low stitcheries she was making.
Here it is in all it's glory. I love the stitchery pin cushion. I think it may have been a Leanne Beasley pattern out of a country threads magazine many years ago (sorry to the designer if I am wrong - I'm sure many of you will know). I know I would never find the pattern again so made it based on mine and drew a bit of freehand, took a few measurements etc.

I love the fabrics & they are a similar colourway to what I used. I brought my fabrics in my hometown of Nelson NZ so that makes my couch companion even more special.
Of course, couch companions are no fun empty so there were a few supplies to go to Glenys for her birthday too. Cotton threads, embroidery threads, pins, needles, scissors, needle holder Fixion pen, ric-rac and a seam ripper.

I had forgotten how much fun these can be to make & stock too. Glenys emailed to say she loves it so sounds like it will be very happy in its new home too. I'm certainly happy you love it Glenys! xx

Happy stitching!
Tracee xx