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Sunday, January 12, 2014

Thank You No. 4 - Ballan Friends

I've only been back at work one week & already have 7 hours overtime up my sleeve. There's no easing back into it in January when there is financial reporting on grants to do. This is one big difference between working in a not for profit and another business. When Government departments give the organisation money, they want to know all the details of what you are spending it on, on a regular basis. It's part of the job I love so busy but HAPPY!
And I was very happy when I opened the following Christmas gifts from friends I saw at the November Ballan sewing day. I think I was very good to wait all the way to Christmas Day to open them. So big thanks go to;
Christine from MacDonald's Patch. It was lovely to meet Christine & her pressie just made my day. The little parcel contained so much yumminess, a pin cushion, a little thread catcher, a brooch and a kitty Christmas decoration.
The three made items are exquisitely done and put to work straight away. The two sewing aids are just the right size for the tray I always put my latest project on, beside me on the couch or on the bed for snuggle TV & stitching nights! Here's my first project for 2014, using up two left over stitcheries from an earlier cushion design to make felt Christmas decorations. No more loose threads all over the place & my handy clips finally have a place so that I don't find them in the bed when I go to sleep.
The brooch is ready & waiting on my favourite red winter coat. They were made for each other, exact same colour. It won't be worn for awhile, definitely not in the 40+ degrees we have had this weekend but look how great it looks. Thank you Christine, you know I loved it all! xx
Next is Sharon from Lilabelle Lane Creations. Sharon always seem to find something different, makes beautiful fabric choices and sews perfectly. Sharon made me an ironing board organiser from a pattern by Cotton Way, the very talented Bonnie from Bonnie & Camille fame. One of those tools you didn't know you needed & now can't live without. Unfortunately I found this very hard to photograph.  It sits across the end of the ironing board with weighted pockets that hang down on either side. It has a detachable pin cushion on the top & attached scissors.
If I photographed it on the board you only saw the top or a small part of it. At least this way you can see all the gorgeous fabrics - buttons, scissors, pins, thread, thimbles, conversational print & the yummy turquoise geometrical print. Beautiful & very useful, thanks again Sharon! x
This next one I didn't have to wait six weeks to open. Beautiful Melody from The House on the Side of the Hill made a little gift bag of goodies for everyone. She is so thoughtful, there must have been 16 or 17 of us! Along with the gift bag, decorations, I think there was sweets but they didn't leave the state of Victoria (best not to mess with WA Customs....) there was a gorgeous Christmas fabric eighth and a little bag with a stitchery on it. I was very happy to get a bag in my favourite lime green. Thanks you Mel, our little Christmas angel! xx
So that's the next instalment of thank yous & gorgeous gifts to show. There is still more to come. I think Christmas is even more special now than when we were kids or maybe the presents are just so much more exciting.
Just to show a bit of creativity that is happening here. When I had recent reticulation problems, the huge flow of water stirred up a nice layer of fine silt that ended up in my carport. The kitties decided to put it to good use & have done some rather creative dot paintings on the old gate. Such a talented twosome are HB & Mia!
Have a happy week everyone!
Tracee xx

Friday, January 3, 2014

Thank You No. 3 - Santa Sack Swap

At this rate I'm still going to be thank you-ing until Christmas in July. Today my thank you are to my swap partner Julie from Jewell's blog for the Santa Sack Swap.
This is a mammoth Christmas swap where you send 6 items plus the sack, stocking or fabric wrapping of your partners choice. I left it open as to the  wrapping and Julie made me a Merry Christmas drawstring bag filled with the 6 or maybe it was 12,13,14,15 etc presents inside. The little wooden 2013 heart ornament is gorgeous & in the pic below is also a metal cat phone holder and a knitted wash cloth in Chrissie colours. The phone holder I better put to use quick smart. It was charging lying on the desk beside me but HB decided he wanted that spot so he kicked it on to the floor & is now lying beside the keyboard purring in his sleep.
The list just goes on & on. There is the beautiful Christmas fabric runner, the ribbon decorated tea towel & a stitchery decorated tea towel and a Christmas book.
A Christmas fabric apron, a gorgeous silver cat dish & look at the vintage spoons been made into garden tags - sweet!
Gorgeous hand made cards - multi talented! What a handy gift.
Most of the gifts arrived in this gorgeous Christmas suitcase and the final present is a kit to make a Christmas quilt.
This is an ingenious idea for those like me don't enjoy & aren't the best at cutting lots & lots of fabrics. It shows the block on the front, instructions on the back & inside are all the pieces ready cut, just jump on the sewing machine & go. Julie makes up these kits & sells them on eBay so talk to her if you need an awesome gift for a new or time poor quilter like me.
So thank you Julie, awesome swap! Thanks as well to our swap-muma Chez from Gone Stitchin for all her hard work organising us all.
Now on to what I sent to Julie. There was this big Christmas bauble table runner.
A felt candle mat & this gorgeous china dove candle holder from  my friend's online shopping meca The Chic Nest.
Two stitchery decorations and a Felt Christmas Decoration book.
Two Christmas platters.
Some festive tea towels and a big, big, big note pad!
And an essential box of these.....
Julie asked for her Santa Sack to be useable fabric so most of the pressies I put into a decorative box with ribbon & two were wrapped in a nice big piece of cream & red Christmas holly fabric & red ribbon.
So another excellent Christmas swap! There's still many more thank-yous to come...
Happy stitching
Tracee xx