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Saturday, August 11, 2012

Bad, Bad, Bad.....

Not Brunnie, not Hun-bun (well yes maybe Hun-bun too), its me & I am a bad, bad, bad friend!

I received a lovely birthday gift from my friend Leanne from Lizzie Quilts in Tassie & while Leanne knows I absolutely love it & it is proudly displayed in my home, I have let work get in the way of blogging about how gorgeous it is & how lucky I am.

Inside was the most beautiful tumblers table runner in perfect colours & prints for my home. As you can see it was made to perfectly fit one of my coffee tables too. I admire it every day as I walk past.

Here's a close up & isn't it beautifully quilted too.

The handmade card is so cute and still on display & I received a lovely pack of charm squares - Looking Back by Moda.

So hows that for a wonderful birthday gift! You already knew privately I loved it Leanne but it's long overdue time I shouted it to the world too!

So I am about half way through the busy period for me at work, working full time again & 9-10 hour days too. Tomorrow I have the pleasure of working in the afternoon at the Poo & Prams Expo - the real name is the Pregnancy, Baby & Childrens Expo but in my first year at this work I was warned by the old hands of the pram traffic jams & to expect the overwhelming smell of dirty nappies from all the younger attendees. It can be quite fun but they were true on both accounts!

With all this extra work bed time is a lot earlier & there is a lot more sleeping going on. There are no complaints about that except from me. Brunnie is doing a lot more sleeping....

Hun-bun is doing a lot more sleeping...

& I'm doing a lot more sleeping too & missing out on my valuable blogging & stitching time. Funnily enough this week while I am the busiest I have been, I have started stitching again & staying up a bit later just to get a few more stitches in. Maybe that is because someone special is having a birthday soon too????

Miss you all & great to see so many of you now on Facebook.

Happy sleeping!
Tracee xx  Brunnie xx  Hun-Bun xx


  1. Life has a habit of getting in our way of more pleasurable pastimes lol. It is a beautiful present and thank you for sharing it with us. Happy belated birthday too and look forward to seeing some sewing when work is a lot quieter.

  2. that's a lovely runner........lucky you..........

  3. oh so good to hear from you again Trace,love the pic of the boys snoozing,Brunnie looks so comfortable.Gorgeous table runner lucky you Trace,enjoy your day my friend.xx

  4. That is a lovely runner, Leanne does some lovely work and the colours are gorgeous. Hopefully things slow down for you a bit soon. Nice seeing photo's of the adorable kitty's.
    Cath @ Bits 'n Bobs

  5. You're a swwetie Tracee, the runner looks beautiful on your table. Hope you can slow down soon.

  6. Thank goodness the kitties are ok you scared me a bit. What a gorgeous gift. Belated birthday good wishes and birthday hugs too.

  7. Hi Tracee i am doing some snooping to find out your birthday i see it is August could you please tell me what date.xx


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