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Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Tuesday Treasures

Hi all

Here's my little treasure....

She is Anabella, nine weeks old & the beautiful second child of my dear friend Regina.

Along with her birthday suit, she is wearing her 'Wee Willie Winkie Hat' that I knitted for her. It's times like this I am very thankful for the craftiness I have been given & being able to share it with those around me.

Of course I am tickled how cute she looks in her kitty hat too....

To see more treasures or share your own, go to Melody's blog, The House On The Side Of The Hill.

Happy stitching
Tracee xx


  1. How adorable. The kitty hat is especially cute!
    @ Bits 'n Bobs

  2. what a beautiful treasure Trace and she looks so cute in those hats.xx

  3. tracee, she does look completely yummy in those hats... & yes it is very satisfying to share our skills in such a loving way, well done!

  4. Such a cutie pie and wonderful hats. I've started crocheting again - I've missed it and now have a reason to make some cute little baby beanies as my BFF is going to be a 'granny' for the first time - yikes, I feel so OLD since I remember the 'mommy to be' when she was in diapers! LOL So many cute little hat patterns out there, I've made a list so long she'll have to wear a new one every day - haha. Almost finished with her "minnie mouse" beanie and it is just too cute!

  5. Oh what a cutie.....if only we still got to look that cute in our brithday suit wearing just a cute hat. LOL! Love the little kitty one she is wearing. Babies are certainly special treasures.

  6. What a gorgeous bubba and some nifty nittin there too!

  7. She is very gorgeous and the hats are just perfect. You are right, it is so nice to be able to make crafty gifts for loved ones.

  8. OMG... what can you say about pic's like that! Except GORGEOUS!

  9. She makes a really cute Tuesday the little hats

  10. A perfect treasure - any day of the week! LOVE the cat hat :)

  11. What a gorgeous little Tuesday Treasure, and the little knitted hats are pretty cute too!

  12. very sweet and lovely little hats you made... too sweet...


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