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Monday, September 9, 2013

Birthday Girls!

Recently there has been two very important birthdays that you will have seen mentioned by bloggy friends Leanne from Lizzie the Quilter & Shez from Enjoying Life. So here is a look at what I sent to each of these sweet friends. I have been knee deep in audit time for the last few months so you will see that I had a bit of a production line happening for the main gift in both cases.
As soon as I saw the pattern Lou Lou by Natalie Ross I was smitten & thought that in just the right fabrics, the girls would feel the same.

As is my norm, I changed it. I decided I was way overdue to break into two favourite jelly rolls so instead of using 6 x 3.5 inch strips, I used 8 x 2.5 inch strips. I think the result was pretty spiffy & it was liberating to at last cut into the beautiful fabrics.

The first birthday was for Leanne and for her I choose beautiful Vintage Modern by Bonnie & Camille for Moda with a grey & white swirl pattern lining. I thought with the extra rows and mixes of fabrics that I wouldn't add the covered buttons. Here is one side;

And here is the other;

Along with the bag I sent a Tapestry by Fig Tree charm pack, a Lynette Anderson note pad & I love to quilt car decal.

For something different, it was all packed up in birthday fabric too.

The second birthday a few days later was for Shez. Shez has a passion for French General so I used Fa La La La La with a lining of Chateau Rouge. Here is one side;
And here is the other side;
The Border of the Chateau Rouge made for a very pretty pocket effect too;
Along with the bag I sent a Tapestry by Fig Tree charm pack, a Lynette Anderson note pad & Quilter car decal. (it's like there is an echo in here......)
And here is the parcel in its fabric wrapping.
So that is more of my latest secret sewing. The strong bag wadding that I used was a new product to me and it made a great result giving the bag standing shape but was a bit of a trial to work with. Of course, both of these beautiful ladies were very kind about the results.
Now if only I could make a decision of which lot of left over fabric to use to make me the same bag.....
Happy stitching
Tracee xx


  1. Gorgeous bags! You have some lucky friends.

  2. great bags.........the girls should love them..........I have the pattern and Fairy Girl started one..........must get it finished......

  3. Both bags are just gorgeous Tracee. I know they both Leanne and Shez will love using them.

  4. Gorgeous bags Tracee. Love the fabric. Sharyn:)

  5. Love the bags Tracee. Great work on them
    I'm going to check out the pattern...I just love the shape
    Lucky girls.
    Julia ♥

  6. Wow Tracee, you have been busy! The bags are just gorgeous, great sewing there my friend... and of course the fabrics you chose are what Leanne & Shez would love... x

  7. Those bags are gorgeous and in just the right fabrics for both the girls. Whatever wadding you used the extra effort was worth it the shape is perfect. Hummm... what to choose for yourself... are you feeling sophisticated or young and fancy free... decisions... decisions! :o)

  8. The bags are just gorgeous. A lovely way to use the jelly rolls.

  9. You gave wonderful presents !!

  10. Love the French General one, lovely bags!


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