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Saturday, September 21, 2013

Still Stitching.....

Audit time is over for another year so time to get serious with my gift & swap stitching. Staring at a monitor & endless numbers meant a lot less stitching for a couple of months but I did manage to get a few things done.

There is this little stitchery for my present box. It was in a Vignette Magazine as part of a bag by Janelle Wind. I fell in love with the stitchery & thought a redwork in a white frame would be a cute little gift.

I am also doing some other redwork, a lot larger & a lot further away from being finished.

I have also spent some time cleaning up & reorganising my three thread boxes. It's amazing how many I have used over the years, there is nearly one whole case empty case now. Room for new threads maybe......

Last night I caught up on some scrap challenge projects too, finishing off a couple. Anorina from Samelia's Mum is doing a weekly scrap challenge that you can read about on her blog or on the Facebook page for the 52 Week Scrap Challenge. As my scrap bin is nearly full I decided to join in but as usual I am way behind.

At least now I have done week 1, Crazy Heart;

Week 2's needle case. Anorina's sample was a fabric butterfly case but mine followed three of my greatest loves and turned into a felt stitchery cat needlecase - who would have guessed??? My needle stitchery needs a bit of refining though.

Week three is a covered container. I use an empty large fruit tin next to my sewing machine for off cuts, scissors, binding etc so decided to cover that is the off cuts of French General fabrics from Shez's bag in the last post. It was quite fun to watch Jason Momoa is the remake of Conan while covered in white glue & bits of beautiful fabric (Arnie consider yourself out Conaned!);

The next project I am doing, a plastic bag holder has just been taken off the sewing machine mid project so I can pack up the machine & other tools to take to WAQA The Value of Value Workshop tomorrow. Hopefully my days of picking boring fabrics for bigger projects will be behind me after a few VALUEable lessons tomorrow.

This morning after aqua class, HB & I took advantage of a rare bit of sunshine to sit in the backyard & eat a late brunch of fetta scrambled eggs & latte (me, not HB). HB had a nice snooze in the sun.

Now Perth has a dangerous weather warning and it is raining again. I think the gods are crying over the Dockers win (my apologies, sort of, Dockers fans!). HB Honeycat & I will be glued to the TV next Saturday for the Hawks vs Dockers Grand Final. Go the Tassie HAWKS!!!

As a final note, retirement is almost secured thanks to find a cheque received a month or two ago from my friend & yours - Telstra. How could I have mislaid so much.....

Happy Stitching
Tracee xx


  1. LOL nice cheque for the retirement fund..
    Love the red work stitcheries and projects made from your scraps.

  2. The redwork bike in the white frame looks fabulous Tracee. Wow, just think what that 50cents will buy?..... Sharyn:)

  3. Invest that all your projects, you are doing a great job with the scraps...

  4. Now make sure you get that cheque to the bank first thing in the morning so you don't misplace it again! LOL! Lovely projects Tracee. I love your framed bicycle.

  5. oh such beautiful work my friend and dont spend that chq all at once,lol,have a lovely sunday my friend.xx

  6. Hello Tracee,

    Now with your audit brain in full mode if you bank that check in ten years how many threads will you be able to purchase.

    Happy stitching.

  7. Lots of lovely stitching...the cost of generating and posting the cheque is far more than 50c...efficient Telstra hard at work again!

  8. Hi Tracee,
    Lovely stitching happening your way. Too right
    about the weather around here!!! We're copping it
    out in the Avon Valley today. I don't reckon the
    Gods are crying over the Dockers win Ha Ha!!!It was
    a great footy match to watch.
    Cheers, Anita.

  9. Great work Tracee. Hope you enjoy your extra stitching time now your audit is over.

  10. Beautiful stitchery and you have to share with me what that redwork pattern is ....... pretty please :o)

  11. Beautiful stitchery and you have to share with me what that redwork pattern is ....... pretty please :o)

  12. Your stitchery is lovely !!


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