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Friday, March 18, 2011

Free Project from RED BROLLY

Bronwyn Hayes from Red Brolly designs has a free Easter Bag pattern on her blog all ready to make & fill with choccie eggs for the little & not so little ones for Easter.

You have to download page by page (right click on the text / Save Image As) otherwise it can print at a smaller size which is no good as a template. I know in the past crafters have had problems downloading from Bronwyn's blog. I have downloaded my copy so if you have a problem, email me & I will send it to you.

I'm doing a soap making course tomorrow so will let you knowhow that goes.

Happy stitching
Tracee xx


  1. Thanks for sharing Bronwyn's pattern. Have fun at your class.

  2. Thanks for the Easter pattern link. Making soap sounds great. Have fun.


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