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Monday, March 14, 2011

Tuesday's Treasures

It was impossible for a gal like me to share any other treasure for today after Fee's recent post about the loss of her dear Monty. What a heartbreak but what a lovely little companion the family shared for 12.5 years.

Any one who knows me knows that my most treasured possessions are my two fur-boys Brutus & Honey.

Honey - alias Hun, Hun-bun, Hunis-bunis, Big Boy

Honey was a Mothers Day present for my mum in 2007 in the hope that having a cat after being without one for a few months would help give her an interest & slow her dementia. About 14 months later I was greatly saddened by mum's having to go in to residential care & greatly blessed by becoming the proud owner (read servant) to little Honey-bun. He's a funny boy, big, creamy & loves to flop himself on to the floor at any given instant. He doesn't sit, he flops down, no gentle positioning for Hun, just an all out collapse as if his bones have suddenly disappeared. He is very vocal too so always up for a conversation on any subject. He likes big cuddles in winter only, imagine his signature flop but now across my arms or on my nicely cushioned chest. There is never a dull moment with Hun-bun in the house! He turned 4 on Saturday but is still a kitten at heart.

Brutus - alias Brun, Little Brun, Boom-boom

Little Brutus has been my constant companion for over 18 years. He knocked on the screen door aged about 6 weeks (my mum was sure he had human help with that!) & within minutes my heart was stolen. He is 19 years old next month & I can't remember life without him. He is small, silky and no matter what, by my side. He's not a lap cat but loves to be carried around but only by me. He loves his home comforts, a nice knitted rug, a pretty quilt that makes him look even more beautiful and especially now in his elder years, a nice toasty electric blanket in winter on mum's bed. He is like a sweet, gentle old man who has slowed down and enjoying the simple things in life like a nap in the sun, sitting on the couch with mum stitching or watching the world go by out the window.  I realise every day now is a blessing & we are making the most of it.

Little Brun wasn't too impressed when Hun came to live with us & there was a tense six months while they got used to each other. Now while they don't curl up with each other they seem to be happy with each others presence though Hun's active ways can still turn Brutus in to a bit of a grumpy old man! At least Hun is wise enough to know Brutus is boss & he gets the top perch in all situations.

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Happy stitching & purrs from the boys


  1. Your fur babies are wonderful and obviously so well loved. I'm glad they bring you so much joy and it's wonderful to have them as part of Tuesday Treasures. Thank you so much for playing.

  2. They're both so lovely and wonderful companions. With winter on the way, it'll be snuggle time with your little warmers ;-)

  3. Quilts and cats, what a lovely combination. Your cats look like good companions to have around.

  4. Isn't it amazing how cats have different personalities! Love your two special friends.

  5. Two gorgeous and special feline friends. How lucky you all are to have found each other.

  6. Two special friends that you can't live without. Sop special and such treasures. Happy days.

  7. I love the last picture... cats just love quilts don't they?

  8. What precious treasures.
    I love how you speak of your Brutus, he must be really something special. It brought a tear (or five) to my eye to read your beautiful tribute to him. He is so handsome too.
    We have a beautiful boy who turned up on our door step too, it was mothers day almost two years ago, his name is Dr Killmouskey and he is just adorable.
    Beautiful treasures you have :-)

  9. Thanks for sharing Tracee. I'm a little sniffly after reading your lovely words about your special old puss and about your Mum. I had a hard day today with my Mum who also adored her cats. A picture of a cat is now the only thing that will bring a faint glint of light to her weary empty eyes.

  10. I can certainly relate to your love of your two gorgeous cats. We have 2 as well with completely different personalities. I can't imagine life without them. Thanks for sharing such a lovely post of your precious fur babies!


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