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Sunday, July 31, 2011

My Mission for this week....

My mission, this week, should I choose to accept it - is to learn needleturn applique.

I am nearly half way with my Life is Beautiful blocks & some of them have applique as well as stitchery so it's time to try this and finish these blocks.

I'm a jet at blanket stitch applique but needleturn looks like doing grown up applique so has been avoided to date. Now, armed with a DVD to watch that came free with Quilters Companion Magazine I am set to hopefully add a new skill to my sewing bag.

Any hints or tips would be greatly appreciated!

Happy stitching
Tracee xx


  1. No tips....good luck....I have had a few bashes but not good....

  2. Such a pretty quilt... I am also on a needleturn learning curve.... got lots of tips and links from various people... here... and here..... hope some of these help.....

  3. Good luck!! I prefer the starch method myself. Love your blocks - the applique will finish them off perfectly!

  4. I love doing needle turn. Love your stitcherys.

  5. alas I am trying to master it as well..I might get there one day..if not thank goodness my machine has blanket stitch,cheers Vickie

  6. Needleturn is beautiful, but alas I am much to hyper to take the time to do it. Fusible web is on of my best friends. hee,hee,hee.

  7. I am afraid I settle for blanket stitch, Good luck with learning needleturn, it does seem like grown up applique.
    Love your lib stitcheries they look great in the blue. I made this quilt too but mine was in browns.


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