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Saturday, September 17, 2011

Swapped Work for Swap Sewing

I have definately done too much work lately but now that the end of financial year rush and audit is over it's back to the real priorities of stitching & sewing.

I am catching up on swap projects so don't have much to show for my three current projects. Just a couple of blurry peaks ; ) Hand sewing is done so now need to get the machine mojo back for Sunday.

One of my swaps is The Santa Sack Swap organised by Cheryll of Gone Stitchin. My swap partner is Maree & so far I have the gorgeous sack shown below & a number of pressies to tempt me. By Christmas Day we will have swapped a sack each & a total of 13 presents. Mine is out of sight in my spare bedroom to keep the temptation as low as possible.

I am also doing the F.R.I.E.N.D.S Swap organised by Kristine from Sew prim Kris. I love the idea of this one, send 7 presents, 1 starting with eash letter in the word friends. Lucky me, my swap partner for this is the talented & kind Shez of Enjoying Life. Check out all her recent swaps - lovely!

Some letters are easier than other & a bit of artisitic licence may be needed. So far I am getting a little bogged down on E - eggs, ears, easel, elbow, elf, envelope? It will all sort itself out as I move pressies from letter to letter finding the best fit.

Brutus felt very neglected during the last month so here is is trying to get some 'me time' as even when I was home I was working on the books for the Calisthenics Club I do Treasurer for. Naturally the busiest time of year for the club coincided with work's busy time. By sleeping between me & the keyboard, he got cuddles as I typed. He rested his head on the mouse pad on the laptop though so every so often work disappeared and he kept changing my MYOB codes. There were tears from both of us! The neglect is over now so I am again getting to type alone.

So only one other great priority for today GO EAGLES! C'mon West Coast, you can do it!

Happy Stitching
Tracee & Happy Brutus & Contented Honey xx


  1. We won the footie yesterday, Tracee...came close at the end..but a win is a win..
    Lovey stitching..
    Julia ♥

  2. oh Tracee you had me blushing ,thankyou for such kind words.Gee you had me laughing,just visualising an elf or ears on there way to me,lol.If you go back to Kris's blog she has some helpful ideas for the letters,like for E,edible things are 1 of the many suggestions she has.Have you checked out the table runner swap on my blog yet?lol as if i dont have enough,lol.

  3. Sorry Tracee i forgot to say how lovely your stitching was,and i love the santa sack

  4. Looks have some lovely partners....

  5. The Christmas swap sounds like heaps of fun! Look forward to keeping up with the progress! Happy Stitching, Susie

  6. Swaps are so much fun aren't they. Your stitcfhing looks really nice, have fun working on your f r i e n d s projects.

  7. Hiya... was thinking of you today.... hope you are well... I had read your post before but haven't commented as much as I used to... lovely swapping parcels...


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