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Friday, October 7, 2011

F.R.I.E.N.D.S Swap from Shez

I finally decided to join in on a swap again & what a beauty I picked. It was the FRIENDS Swap organised by Kris of SewPrimKris. Thanks Kris for your work organising this!

Each Swapper sent their partner 1 gift beginning with each of the letters in the word Friends so 7 gifts for every one. It was my lucky day & in the draw I received Shez from Enjoying Life as my swap partner.

It was like Christmas the day I got home from work & the mail man had left me a parcel.

And it only got better from there!

F is for Fabric Roll (at last some yellow - yah) & R is for Reading (great for on the plane next week)

I is for Items for the kitchen (check out the kitty buttons - ohhhh!)

E is for Egyptian Fabric made in to a gorgeous bag

N is for Needlecase (in my current favourite - green!), D is for DMC Threads (great colours) & S is for Stitchery Patterns (my most favourite crafty past time).

How spoilt am I???? Thank you Shez for your thought, generoisity & heart that has gone in to my swap presents & our email chats with each other. Plenty more to come.....

Shez has now received my parcel & did a lovely post of her goodies you can check out on her blog.

I did have fun making her a bag. It was different from usual as you put the three layers together & cross hatched them before cutting the pieces out. Love how my Frixion pen made it easier & then just disappeared when I ironed the finished fabric sandwich.

The fabric is a beautiful Quest For A Cure fabric from a few years back. The selveage is used as a tie so you know the significance of the fabric too. I was rather liberal in matching my gifts to letters so called this E is for Emotions Bag. Poor Shez though she was getting a new pair of ears after an earlier blog post where I said I was having a problem with E.

To continue my dubious name matching N was for Nice Little Wall Hanging. A recent Homespun project that was too cute to pass up. It looks better with it's hanger & ribbon but I forgot to photograph it then. See the rest on Shez's blog.

So after opening all that goodness I sure had a smile on my face. No so Hun-bun - didn't you buy me a present mum? Just not his day.....

Happy stitching (& swapping!)
Tracee xx


  1. What an amusing post Tracee,I have thoroughly enjoyed this swap with you,oh and i felt awful i didnt think of Hun Bun,next time i will remember.Thankyou again Tracee for all my wonderful,lovely gifts.

  2. oops i forgot and for being my new blogging friend.oxox

  3. Hun & Brunnie are too spoilt as is. It was my turn! xx

  4. Wow..oh Tracee you too have been spoilt, love what Shez has made for you.....fantastic bag.....


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