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Sunday, October 9, 2011

Why Quilt Kitty Loves Life?

Dawn of As Sweet As Cinnamon asked why bloggers chose the name they did for their blogs. I have spend days reading these & there are some beauties.

Check out Cardygirls, my personal favourite as I can relate very well to the Bay City Rollers & Chooky Blue comparison. This made me laugh  (I lol & kept loling!)

For me making my blog was a rush job as I so wanted to join in with Chooky Blue's 2011 Stitch A Long of the Tis The Season quilt by Natalie Bird and you have to be a blogger to do so. I played around with names but was already using quiltkitty as my email address so decided I couldn't go past that. It's a bit like being called Tracee & really wanting to be called Tessa or Mandy like the cool girls but realising in your heart that you are a Tracee. I am a Tracee & I am a Quiltkitty!

Of course I am a quilt kitty because I love everything about quilting, fabrics & threads and all my life I have had very spoilt & much loved cats. Thanks to my mum & granddad for that furry addiction. Thanks to the furboys for their quilt testing.

The Loves Life was maybe a bit of 'fake it until you make it' happening. My family has had many hard years health wise & lost many loved ones so especially after losing my mum & Aunty I wasn't loving life as much as I knew I eventually would again. It was a time of making decisions & slowly finding new directions. It still is but I can say, becoming a blogger has been one of the best things I have done this year and has lead to many laughs, great new friends & a lot of fun.

So check out Dawn's list of who is playing along & you still have today & tomorrow to join in.

Happy stitching (& reading)
Tracee xx


  1. It's amazing how saying something out loud can make it so, isn't it. Thanks for the story about your name.

  2. hi Tracee, nice you have also a blog,hugs Chris from Switzerland

  3. Great story and I am so glad to have met you... your positive outlook to life shows, even though things have been tough... it is so sad when our loved ones leave us....

  4. now stop that LOLing.......this one has just popped up too and said you posted SUnday..........anyway your probably still loling......
    glad you were pushed over the edge to start blogging and joined the SAL.........
    I like blogging because you don't get all the "terrible bad new stories" that seem to be everywhere now days......people share there news good or bad but it is mostly upbeat and happy place to be..........glad we have helped you to be in a happier place........
    oh and speaking of the SAL (since you mentioned it) better get it finished so you can keep playing with whip is cracked.........

  5. What a nice story of how you began your bloggy life. It is so lovely to "know" you and share a snippet of your world. Derek did rock I think!

  6. I think that is a great story Tracee and it is funny how we get fond of seeing everyone's names and icons appear on our blogs.

  7. Do love your cats and understand entirely about the name thing - as a Kathy from Seaford, I dreamed about names like Charlotte and Jessica and Penelope.

  8. so glad you are blogging my friend


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