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Tuesday, November 15, 2011

One Swap Down, Two To Go....

I joined in a swap with SewHappyGeek in the UK to do a table runner or wall hanging. I thought, no problem, do them all the time, lets go. It is a blind swap so no one knows who is making for who & who you make for is not the same person who makes for you so all very sneaky. Lots of blog lurking!

When I got given the details of my swap partner & checked out her blog, they included lots of strange words like 'modern' 'bright' 'geometrics'! So there was my comfort zone, last seen moving fast away from Perth, across the Nullabor & on to who knows where. If it's hiding in your sewing room, send it on it's way & tell it, it's all safe to come home now.

Shez & I compared notes & she was in a similar situation. Of course, she overcome it beautifully & if you haven't seen it already, check out the table runner Shez made for her partner. You can also see what Shez received in the swap. Obviously our tastes are similar because when I saw her gift on the Flickr page for this group I was thinking, that would be very nice for me - lol. You had to nominate 3 colors so we must have said similar ones. I'm sure when I get mine it will be awesome too.

So I pondered what to make while away in Tassie, it moved up to worrying about it while I was in bed with the flu (with too much time to think!) & finally I had a plan to make a quilt as you go star in yellow & blues. That was the plan for last Saturday. So Friday night I flicked through a few new US magazines & changed my mind completely.

Saturday say me cutting out lime green, black & white circles to raw edge applique on to a white background. Never done anything like that before.

I added a nice lime green spot border & the another border made from all the different fabrics used. Today it was time for binding & adding the hanger sleeve. On the Flickr group a link was posted for Triangle Quilt Sleeves. I hadn't seen this before & loved this method, especially as I could put one in each corner so my partner can hang it up the way she thinks is best. Check it out, it is so easy.

So here's my finished product, which with a few other little treats will be winging it's way to the USA tomorrow.

I am loving the finished result so just hope my swap partner feels the same when she receives it.

Fingers crossed!
Tracee xx


  1. Well done Tracee, it does feel good when we accomplish something out of our comfort zone even if it does scare us to bits.

  2. love it, someone is going to be very lucky...

  3. What a fabulous design! Very modern and geometric :)

  4. Tracee its fantastic you did well girl,so proud of you,absolutely love the colours you are so very clever,cant wait to see what you get.

  5. Hi Tracee, your project is beautiful, the green and black look fantastic. Well done on trying something way out of your comfort zone.

  6. Don't you hate it when you have too much time to think!! I love what you have accomplished! Your swap partner is going to love it..

  7. This looks fabulous. You are so clever.

  8. I absolutely LOVE it!! Thank you so much!!!


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