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Sunday, January 1, 2012

Christmas Gifts

Here are a couple of gifts I made in December for Christmas.

Needlecase & Pincushion for Megs;

Needlecase & Pincushion for Trish;

This is a pattern is by the talented  Lisa of Cubby House Quilts that appeared in Homespun Magazine 12.9 earlier this year.

I received the following ornament from Megs who is an amazing cross stitcher. It is gorgeous in pink with shiny beads & a pink thread hanger. Being pink also means that I don't just have to bring it out only at Christmas so I have it on one of the bedposts at the head of my bed.

Here's is the official portrait of Brutus's 20th Christmas. He has just opened his stocking & is indulging his mother by posing with his pressies & wearing his Christmas necklace that he is so not keen on. He's knows by now, better to do what's needed & get it over with quickly.

Five year old Honey is not that smart so no pose for him, had to chase him around the house until I finally got a portrait as he sat in his favourite sunny spot, very close to the escape hatch of his cat door.

Happy New Year to all!
Tracee xx


  1. Gorgeous gifts both in and out. Brutus is am amazing kitty. He must be about 110 in people years. Wishing you and the kitties a wonderful 2012.

  2. Oh wow Tracee they are so beautiful!!! Just love the fabrics you have used in both!
    Thank you Tracee, you really have made my day!

  3. Needle cases and pin cushions - what more could a girl want - they look great. Love the cat portraits.

  4. Love the needle cases and pin cushions... lovely gifts... Brutus looks like he demands the respect of his age!!
    Happy New Year to all of you...

  5. Tracee the needle case and pin cushions are just so lovely....Brutus, what a grand age, he is very regal...

  6. Lovely gifts sent and received - and what gorgeous kitties!!!!

  7. The needle cases and pin cushions are lovely. Brutus and Honey look very sweet.

  8. Beautiful gifts made and received! I love the pincushions you made, beautiful stitching!


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