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Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Brutus is HOME!!

Little Brutus finally had his surgery today after a days delay. It was decided yesterday to put him on fluids for 24 hours & postpone his surgery 1 day. Of course, that meant an automatic lengthening of my anxiety & a night at the vets for little Brun. Every time I turned around last night my little boy wasn't there & after 20 years of having my little shadow if felt very strange & totally wrong. My darling Hun-bun was around but he is a very self sufficent boy so he makes random visits but isn't always by my side like little Brun.

The vet rang at 1pm to say all was well & the operation was quick & straight forward & little Brutus had woken up naturally. He stayed on fluids until 6pm to aid the anesthetic leaving his body & then at 6.45pm I finally got to see my boy. Brun's vet at Vet West Whitford City (gratuitous plug as I love these people) is called Rudolph, a new one to us as evidently the female vets on shift today that we have seen before didn't want to operate on such an old cat (who has such a sooky muma) - can't blame them! He went through so many details of little Brun's tests with me which was wonderful & showed he is quite a healthy old cat. We will keep an eye on his kidney function but that's to be expected in such an old fella.

So now little Brun is home. (big sigh) He is a bit unsteady on his legs, has teary black eyes but was desperate for a snack. Now he sits on the carpet watching me type & making chirping noises so I give him a pat every few minutes, as he does nearly every day of his life. It is so good to have life as we know it restored in the Quiltkitty household!

I can't express how thankful I am to have friends such as those through the blog, on Facebook, my 'old' friends & workmates who have shown such kindness & caring of me & the little fella during our ordeal. Thank you for the supportive emails, messages & talks (& to Michelle for the chocolates!). It all helped immensely. I am thankful for every one of you. xx Big purrs to you all from little Brun too.

May this bless you all!

Now on the agenda for tonight is to go spoil my boy with non-stop attention & cuddles.

Big purrs
Tracee xx Brutus xx Honey xx


  1. Oh that's great news Tracee. Enjoy his company once again! :)

  2. Excellent news.... give him a pat from me...

  3. I'm so happy he made it through OK (and you survived the ordeal as well.) I hope you have lots more time with him; perhaps he'll break a longevity record!

    All the best,
    Susan in Texas

  4. What a relief. I was holding my breath for days and when I saw your blog title in my reading list I was so happy. A big pat for Brutus from me and a chirrup from Stumpy. Tommy has been through it all and doesn't know what the fuss is about :)

  5. Thank goodness all went well and your little darling is home. Hugs

  6. Now that is the best news.....I am sure you boy is being very spoilt...

  7. Wonderful Tracee. I bet he is loving all that petting and extra special treatment. Well done Brutus and your vet team.

  8. Oh wonderful - I'm so happy for you and for him! Give him a kiss for me!

  9. What a relief for you, wonderful that you can enjoy pampering your puss again!!

  10. I've been on tenderhooks waiting for news. I am so glad that everything worked out well and that Brutus wont need to be troubled by the tooth anymore. It would be a very hard decision to make. You have a very stong old cat who might even make the Guiness world records.


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