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Sunday, February 26, 2012

Some Kind of Wonderful Progress

Doing a happy dance, finally up to date with my Some Kind of Wonderful quilt I am doing as part of Chookyblue's Stitch A Long blog group. This is the first time that I have been up to date since it started back in October.

It definately looks like progress seeing we are sewing the blocks together with the borders as we go along. The only problem is getting reasonable photos.

There are three more rows to go & the top borders. I have done the bottom borders but they are hanging at the back of the quilt hidden from sight.

In row 1 my favourite block is my travel block;

And it's not hard to figure out what my favourite block is in row 2 - kitty coffee cup!

I had some wonderful emails today from blogging friends;

First Lori from Canada. Lori must have been up late as it was like being on Messenger with emails flying instantly between Canada & Australia. Check out Lori's latest quilt on her blog, it's a masterpiece. Lori is doing the SKOW too.

Secondly my dear friend Leanne in Tassie & I have been planning some mischief of the quilty kind. Check out the swap she & Wendy in NZ did - so much pretty things, but that's the norm on Leanne's blog. I'll have what she's having is my motto when it comes to Leanne. Our tastes are so similar I think she could pick out my quilt fabrics & furnish my house & I would be very happy with the result.

Happy days in Quilt Kittyville!
Tracee xx


  1. Lovely post tracee and boy those blocks look grear,well done.xx

  2. I LOVE that quilt - your fabrics are so cheerful!

  3. Hi Tracee, your blocks look amazing. Its going to be a beautiful quilt.
    I'm so looking foreward to our swap. I'll be over as soon as I book my flight to choose your fabric and redecorate your house. lol Put the kettle on. You are a sweetie saying such nice things about me.

  4. So fun seeing this quilt take the fussy cut choco mug... it is great hearing from friends...

  5. looks great Tracee........all up to date.........

  6. Your blocks are lovely Tracee. It's great when you catch up.


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