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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Tuesday Treasures

Yipppeee! It's share your pets day for Tuesday Treasures.

The Patriarch of the household, old Brutus (little Brun) is now very well known to so many of you as his geriatric days are played out through my blog. We leap & lurch towards his 20th birthday in our ungainly style but still with a purr in our hearts. Only 6 weeks to go now & my constant companion will be well & truly 'over the hill!'

However there is also another young furball in the Quilt Kitty household who often gets overlooked due to his little, older brother. Honey-bun was a Mothers Day 2007 present picked out by my mum Dorothy.

Poor little Hun-bun didn't have a conventional start to life with his granny who was in the mid stages of dementia. At about 18 months of age when mum went in to care, little Hun-bun came to live at the Quilt Kitty household to discover many a new trial - routine, a working muma, and a very grumpy & jealous older brother Brutus and his overprotective poppa too. A 15 year old cat used to being an 'only furbaby' who had started to slow down suddenly coupled with a large 18 month old bundle of kitteny energy with no boundries soon had us all pulling our hair out. It took about a year for things to settle down & while the boys will never be close, we now live in harmony.

(One of the rare pics where the boys are close enough to get in a photo together)

Beneath that big 7kg creamy exterior of Hun-bun lies a heart of marshmallow. He's a real little scaredycat but still a very self sufficient cat - the complete opposite of Brun which is why he misses out a bit. However when he does want a cuddle, nothing will stand in his way, not quilt or pins, knitting needles, laptop or his pesky older brother - when a cuddle is on his mind he just comes looking for it & it's a happening thing. (Which is why he is standing beside the laptop now bunting my hands as I type asking for some smooges) One of the things I love about him is how much he talks, he's a very vocal cat which can be very funny. He's a character, my little Hun-bun & very much loved.

So that's a bit more on the boys of the Quilt Kitty Household. Two bundles of joy in fur coats!

Linking up with Melody from The House on the Side of the Hill, so please go check out the other Treasures of today and show us yours.

Hope it's all purrs in your household too!

Tracee xx Brutus xx Honey xx


  1. I love hearing about your kitties and really feel I know Brun. It was lovely to learn a little more about Hun-bun.

  2. Lovely post... Brutus is amazing.... and Hun Bun seems quite a character... that last picture is really rather lovely...

  3. what charactors they are Tracee,fluffy bundles of joy.xx

  4. Hun Bun is a very cute cat....glad she goes after what she wants where cuddles are concerned. Brutus certainly doesn't look his age...quite the old rascal.

  5. Such elegant puss's and I love your blog header.

  6. Your two babies are so different and both completely gorgeous. Brutus is magnificent for his age. His coat is still so luxurious. And Hun Bun the chatterbox sounds like a purrfect companion.

  7. They are both so beautiful!!! I can just imagine how my Hermione would react to another kitty coming in...yikes.


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