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Saturday, May 5, 2012

Try The Purple Gorilla!

Alas! My stitching mojo has abandoned me again, just when I am getting so behind on the SKOW stitch a long. My avoidance issues of the needleturn applique are rearing their heads again now that I am at the flower block that has tiny shapes which I am not good at.

Never mind, I went back to my first love - knitting. I haven't been able to knit much for the last few years due to a pulled tendon in my elbow. A couple of rows & the pain would always start. A new baby coming in June & the start of winter was a nice prompt to get me to try again after such a long break.

First up was a pair of pink Mary-Jane Booties with a flower on top - every girl needs at least one pair in her life time.

I managed that with not too much pain so decided on a baby hoodie and matching booties in a gorgeous bright multi colour bamboo / wool blend called Layette by Bella Baby from Spotlight. It was nice to get it down to $2.00 a ball too. A pretty wooden flower button & it was done.

It's hard to see the hoodie properly lying down & not having any newborns on hand to model it was into the sewing room & on to my soft toy shelf to look for a suitable baby size model. Try the purple gorilla I thought!

'He's no supermodel muma' said Brun.

'No, not purple with orange, pink & red muma' said Hun-bun.

'Sweet' said Purple Gorilla! Gorilla does look a bit like he is about to enter the ring in a bout with Rocky Balboa. First Hood up....

Now hood down....

Unfortunately Gorilla's feet were too big for the booties.

This was a nice, simple pattern, easy to do while watching footy. The hoodie pattern came from a US Creative Knitting magazine & the booties from my favourite 20 To Make Knitted Baby Booties by Val Pierce.

Also this week while watching the voice on Monday & Tuesday I finally gave one of the scarfs a try that Peg & Shez have been wowing us with. Your right Shez, there is a lot of unravelling of the yarn & lots of pulling, plucking & unwinding too.  I used the coffee & cream colour scheme & used a ball of wool called Honeycomb from Spotlight. It's lovely snuggly & soft.

Happy knitting
Tracee xx Little Brun xx Hun-bun xx


  1. lol,love your posts Trace they are so witty,love your baby knits,lol,gorillia in the boxing ring.Your scarf looks great,love bthe colour Trace.xx

  2. The baby knits are so cute and the purple model is a real giggle. Love those scarfs too, I must make one soon.


  3. When One Mojo goes Out another comes your Baby Knitting and a lovely Model at That..

  4. You are a woman of many talents - this is too adorable! Love the hoodie on the gorilla, lol. The booties are so sweet, and the scarf is lovely!

  5. I love that little hoodie. The colour is gorgeous. I love seeing babies in hand knitted jackets. I always put them on my boys as babies.

  6. Gorgeous knitting and I love the cat shots too.

  7. Your model actually made me laugh out loud. Your fur babies always make me happy so thank you for the latest pictures - they are so sweet.

  8. LoVe the knitted booties and hoodie. Can't wait until I have some little one to knit for. Will keep these pattern books in mind too... so ThAnKs ! :)

  9. Well if your sewing mojo is hibernating the knitting mojo is ultra energetic... those are just lovely...

  10. Tracee, the hooded cardi is just lovely, such happy colours in it, well done!

  11. Oh your knitting is so lovely. Pretty cute model too!

  12. What a fun post Tracee! Love your knitting. That is something I cannot do.
    I don't like needle turn either. I'm the queen of fusible web applique. hee,hee,hee.

  13. Tracee, your knitting is lovely. I am sure one new mum and baby are going to very happy


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