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Friday, June 1, 2012

Weekends With Brunnie =^..^=

We lives friends! Brunnie here still!

I know, it been so long, some of you think we disappeared. Thanks for the emails & comments, we all purred when we read them. Don't know what's been wrong with muma, no sewing, no fabric shopping, hardly any stitching, no blogging, no blog reading - think alien took over muma's body & it was a very boring, non-sewing, non-blogging alien!

Muma's had the flu but only the past week but that was very bad timing as it started on the day muma went to the Quilt Show & she didn't buy much, didn't look at most of the stalls and come home and went to bed. By the second day muma was due to go she was very sore & snotty so muma stayed tucked up in bed with me instead. I think that is over pretty much now though. She's started playing with her SKOW SAL book & neglected block so paws crossed tonight it will be footy & sewing in front of the gas fire for muma, me & Hun-bun.

So what have we been up to in the last month.....

I have been back to see the kitty Dr. I have a very stylish bag muma carries me in while I travel but I don't like it, I don't like it at all. At least I got to see my favourite kitty Dr, Rudolph. I was a bit rude though & hissed at him as he gave me an injection in my back but that was no fun at all. Muma was cringing something bad while he did it too. He also stuck goo in my eyes & gave muma some to bring home. Muma's not the best at that stuff so if I move she jumps with fright which is kind of fun. Eventually I end up with gooey stuff in my eyes anyway & muma saying 'mush it around Brunnie'. My infection has gone again so I guess it was all good.

I watched the WA Footy Derby last weekend & as usual couldn't keep my eyes off my team - The West Coast Eagles & their purrfect performance. It must have been half time when muma took the photo, just resting between quarters.

Muma put up a new hanging rail above her cutting table to hang these funny things from. I didn't know what the blue & white things were but I know the blue brush. Muma chases my furs off the furniture with that. It has been around for a long, long time.

Muma has since used one of the blue & white things on a cutting ruler to keep it from slipping, so that's what they are for. Muma cut up & then sewed back together some charm squares that Aunty Leanne sent her in a swap. I supervised but it seemed a bit pointless - cut up squares, match with the charm squares, sew them together, cut the squares of fabric in half & end up with new squares??? I'll be glad when muma back to daily stitching, making pictures from string I understand....

Muma has done one little bit of stitching which I quite like. We like sewing machines in our house, even Hun-bun who isn't really in touch with his creative side like me & muma. He's only 5 so I'm hoping he will learn in time. He's not much of a writer either, sometimes in my humble opinion he thinks he is around just to look pretty....

Yesterday was nice & rainy in Perth so we all made the most of it. Mum was in bed coughing away with her flu again. Hun-bun he was on his couch snuggled up with Hermoine napping....

I was looking after muma, hard work but don't feel too sorry for me. I had my red cat face blankie, my pink knitted rug, muma's soft old flannelette sheet over me & my electric blanket on two. Ahhhh, this is living -  muma, but please stop coughing......

I hope muma will be back blogging this weekend, now I need to go check on her, if she is stitching I will give her a purr, if not I will knit on her until she can't stand it & pushes me off with the excuse that she can't stitch with me on her knee. Sneaky kitty ; )

Brunnie xx


  1. Oh Brunnie.........please give Mumma hugs so she feels better. You are so cute! :)

  2. Thanks for the update Brunnie. Hope your mumma is feeling better soon. Keep up the good work looking after her!

  3. Good to hear from you Brunnie... please give your mumma a great big hugz from me.... lovely to hear all your news ..

  4. So glad you're feeling better Brunnie, I hope mum does too! The pics of you all curled up in your blankie are just too darling....tell mum to give you a kiss on top of your head from me...

  5. What a FuN post... just wish mama was feeling better!!!! :(

  6. oh my you are both histrical(think i spelt it wrong lol)i love you both,sending this post link off to my sister she loves Brunnie and hon bun,get better soon Trace i have just come down with it also.xx

  7. Ha you crack me up, Tracee! What a fun post, even though it's about you being crook & the cat with gooey eyes... I hope you feel back to 100% really soon. I guess if you are getting out the stitching/sewing, things are improving... x

  8. Brunnie, you amaze me more and more each time I read your posts. I am so glad you are feeling better, please keep looking after Mumma, she would be lost without your help.
    Hugs to you all,

    PS any name suggestions for my new man - Beautiful black cat.

  9. I loved reading Brunnie's post, so glad he is ok, I had been wondering if he was well. Hope you get better quickly Tracee and are back to your sewing, blogging self!

  10. Oh Brunnie, So glad you are feeling better and looking after your sick Mummy.


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