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Saturday, June 16, 2012

Mini Swap Quilt Send

Hi all

I have taken part in the first of Cheryll's min quilt swaps. The first subject very fittingly was Welcome & doesn't everyone need a pretty little welcome quilt in the entry of their home. The stands that fit these 12 inch x 14 inch quilts look so wonderful. See the white one below in Cheryll's swap button.

My pictures will show my quilt on a wall as I have been a bit slow at ordering my stand. However when they get here there will be celebrations as I haven't stopped at one buying both the white & the silver that you can put different headers on matched to your quilt subject, season or celebration.

So here is my mini quilt I made for my swap partner that is currently winging its way to its new home.

I hope my partner likes it. From stalking her blog it seems she like bright colours so I used my current favourite paisley fabric in pinks & yellow on a white background. I also used this on my last swap with Raelene on her journal with lots of other bright contrasts that I posted about back here. Maybe now I should make something for me with it & then put any left to rest for awhile.

Here's a close up of muma & baby bird in their happy nest. When I receive my swap pressie & my hangers I will show you more.

Thanks to the lovely Cheryll from Gone Stitchin for hosting this gorgeous swap. Naturally we are not stopping at one of these little quilts, there will be ongoing swaps where you enter the ones that interest you (you don't have to do all of them) and end up with a selection to display. The next subject is Fathers Day so go to Cheryll's blog to sign up.

Happy swapping
Tracee xx


  1. The little quilt is gorgeous Tracee, I love the birds in the nest. xx

  2. So very sweet Tracee, I love the paisley leaves:)

  3. Such a great finish, Tracee, your partner will be thrilled to receive such a lovely gift.

  4. What a great idea for a swap. I love your welcome one with those birdies in the nest. Might have to find out where to get one of those stands too.

  5. It is a great swap and such a fun way to display our mini's.... I love the mini quilt you made.... so pretty and of course I love little birds anyway...

  6. Your mini quilt is lovely Tracee. This has been a fun swap.

  7. Tracee, i'm sure your recipient will love your fabulous work, it looks fantastic. Seems you will be well-equipped with your stand & its versatility, when it arrives... Hope you survived the recent nasty weather

  8. What a cute quilt!! I'm sure your recipient will be thrilled.

  9. Tracee its gorgeous and i love the fabric that you used.xx

  10. What a lovely mini! The birds are so cute!! Can I ask where you ordered your stands from? I still have to get one, but every time I think I have some spare money, one of the animals need to go to the vet.

  11. Hello Tracee, loved seeing the mini you have is a fun swap to be part of....Hugs,O'faigh


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