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I love cats because I enjoy my home; and little by little, they become its visible soul. - Jean Cocteau

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Tuesday Treasures

I have to admit there is good & bad about my treasure for today. It keeps me in touch with friends & family, lets me see what crafters are up to worldwide & gives me a daily dose of kitties big, small, young, old, cute & a few that are not so cute. It makes me laugh which is a great thing.

It also wastes time when I could be sewing, doing chores, doing my cali accounts or sleeping. Some times you come across the occasional meany but fortunately they are quickly & easily anihalated & where else in life can you say that. On busy weeks, my crops die, my animals are neglected & the fruit stays on the trees too long....... but fortunately I have heaps of money to replant & buy more -  hey we are only talking about Farm Town!

Yes, my treasure of the week is FACEBOOK.

I know, some of you will be nodding with me & some will be shaking your heads in sorrow. I have to admit I am a Facebook addict. Where else can you find 100s of cat pics with funny captions to read & laugh at when you come home from a frustrating day at work?

There is even doggies & I am an equal opportunity animal lover even if I seem cataliciously biased.

I can feed my love of things shabby, vintage, beautiful cottage gardens & treasures of the past.

I can embrace my Kiwiness & never forget my Aussieness too.

I can at last have the farm I so desire & the funds to make it beautiful. It is called 'Crazy Cat Lady Farm & does have many cats but also every other animal a farm usually has as well as my beautiful herd of bulls - I love the bull riding so think it only fitting I become a bull farmer! I can do all this & play Mahjong, Bingo & Solitaire and 100s of other games at 2am when I definately do not want to go to sleep.

When I'm feeling a little down or unmotivated I can find sayings that touch me & make me realise how lucky I am.

And all this & so  much more I can do for free. I think that is a pretty great deal. So thank you Mark Zuckerberg & all those people that make pics to share, & thank you friends, family, crafters & random strangers whose posts make my day.

PLUS - where else can I go to be friends & swap comments every day with a cat called Zanda who lives in Melbourne & two cats called Dastan & Caspian who live in Cambridge in the UK???? Yes, 3 of my friends are cats on Facebook - no surprise there really. No, Brun & Hun-bun do not have Facebook pages, I think they are better suited to be blogging cats.....

Join in with Tuesday Treasures by going to Melody's blog The House On The Side Of The Hill to read what other treasures are talked about today or to post your own.

Happy Cat Booking (the official term for looking up cat pics on Facebook!)
Tracee xx


  1. oh noooo, step away from the farm!! LOL I used to be SO addicted to farmville too I had the banner on internet explorer with the clock ticking down to when it was harvest time etc.
    I'm not on FB much more, quit it on january 1st about 99%, just have my acct to maintain my PAGE.... have you looked into pinterest? there's inspirational pictures there too.

  2. lol,i was just imaging Brunnie and hon bun with facebook pages,you are so funny my friend,lol,have an awesome day.xx

  3. Catbooking?!!! I had no idea - such fun :) And I have to agree with Beaquilter, you can't beat Pinterest for fantastic pictures and wonderful quotes and sayings - not to mention quilts pics, sewing pics, cooking and foody pics, storage....... I think you still need an 'invite' from someone who is already there - I'll try and send you one. Though this should come with a warning: Pinterest can be Habit-Forming!
    Love your final inspirational saying, I think I might try to print it up for the fridge :)

  4. I use my f/b to keep in touch with friends from far off places.... wonderful to see their pictures and hear what they are up to...

  5. Amazing the places we can go without ever leaving the keyboard.

  6. Well, I confess I still live in the dark ages... I am not on facebook! I just haven't felt the need yet, but i can see how so many people just love it.... and here i was thinking "oh tracee's crops are dying, that's no good?!" LOL, you are a funny one!

  7. Not a fan of facebook but family members are. Technology is amazing when used for 'good' as they say. If you love it that's all that matters. Love the doggie and cat pics.

  8. I think exactly like you. Facebook is great for my 17 year old daughter

  9. Fabulous post. I love the fact that you have kitty cat Facebook friends.


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