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Thursday, July 26, 2012

Dining With Brunnie

Hi Friends, Brunnie here!

Muma's neglecting you all badly so I just wanted to tell you we think of you often & miss you all heaps, but mum's working hard & we will be back sewing & blogging soon.

I might have some more news soon but tonight I just wanted to share with you the wonderful news that I had my favourite morney for dinner....

Muma said that somehow she thinks you would already nose about that! ????

My brother Hun-bun is well, but he freaked muma out tonight when she got home by pretending he was a V8 Supercar & running fast laps of the house making brrrrmmmm, brrrrrrmmmmm noises. Now he is parked up on the couch waiting for refuelling.

Purrs to you all
Brunnie xxx


  1. Oh Dear Brunnie, you are so funny :o) Watch out for Hun-bun, sounds like he is in for another "hot lap" soon xx

  2. haahahahhahaahahah god you are funny Brunnie you gave me a good laugh ,give your muma a cuddle for me.xx

  3. Oh too funny Tracee... those "friends" of yours keep you entertained well and truly! :)

  4. Brunnie I hope you are still keeping the bed warm for your Muma, it's been so cold lately! HunBun is ready & excited for the Olympics, looks like he is a sure bet for GOLD!!

  5. Cute post, glad to hear all is well in Quilt Kitty home!

  6. thanks pleased all is well in your land...xx

  7. Brunnie I am so pleased you were so spoilt... tell your mumsie we really miss her lots...

  8. lol!!!!!!!! our ragdoll does that too. Usually lasts about 5 mins and that is his burst of energy for the day. The baying at the moon as we call it is so guteral and noisy.

  9. Brunnie you are such a sweetie pie! Mama is working much too hard, but alas, that is what we ding dong humans do. Critters know how to live. ;)


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