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Saturday, September 22, 2012

FNSI - Little Things

Last night I had a Friday Night Sew In along with many of you worldwide. It was a great Friday night for a sew in in Perth. The weather was stormy, the temperature had dropped dramatically & the rain was falling. A night in front of the TV watching the AFL footy semi-final, then 2 ABC police & forensics programmes while stitching was perfect.

For once there was no stitchery happening, just lots of little things coming together. I made these hexies on Thursday night.

And Friday night sewed them together. Little Brun helped by supervising which fabrics to put in what order.

Next it was cut up lots of little squares.

That orange circle is the large size clover yo-yo maker. And by bed time I had 15 lovely little yo-yos made.

Another 10 were made during the second semi-final footy game today so only 5 more to make. The yo-yo maker certainly makes it easy.

To see what everyone else did on their FNSI, go to Heidi's blog, Handmade by Heidi, where there are 127 bloggers signed up for last nights sew in. It's a great way to find new blogs & bloggers whose work we can ohhh & ahhh over.

Happy stitching

Tracee xx


  1. What a sweet little project you are working on. Hope you enjoyed the AFL game. It was on here as well. Hubby was happy with the outcome although it was such a close game and could have gone either way.
    Cath @ Bits 'n Bobs

  2. I love the colours of your yo yo's. The hexagon fabrics are lovely too.

  3. A very productive FNSI and those yoyo are so cute.

  4. Hi Tracee, your hexagons and yo yos look wonderful, what are you making with them.
    Your blog seems to be fine now. Hope I didn't worry you too much.

  5. Looks like FNSI was all about numbers.
    Lovely the yoyo's. Pretty colours you got to play with.

  6. Sounds ideal.....lovely hexies and yo yos.

  7. great hexies and yo-yos. love the prints and colours. brun looks well inspecting your work

  8. your yo-yo's are so bright and cheerful and I love the fabric you used for your hexies!

  9. I'm loving all the yo yos Tracee, so neat. And you know I love any hexy any time... is the yo yo maker easy to use? I'm interested to teach myself how to make them

  10. Love the hexies! Looks like you had a great FNSI! :)

  11. Your fabrics are so pretty! Great Friday night stitching. Can I ask you where you purchased the mini-quilt frame from that you so generously gave to Leanne (she is my stitching buddy here in Tas) and I am keen to buy myself one!!


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