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Sunday, September 16, 2012

Stitchery Queen!

Hi all

Now that I am back stitching, I am more than living up to my self proclaimed 'stitchery queen' tag. There has been so many stitchery projects in recent magazines that I just love.

In the latest Country Threads Jennifer Reynolds from Elefantz had a design for gorgeous 'On Christmas Day' Postcards. They have a cute pocket that you can put a tea bag in (or I was thinking a coffee sachet & a chocolate!) & send to a friend. The words are lovely. Today I finally managed to find a pack of little buttons & stars to decorate the trees with.

Here's a copy of Jenny's design & what mine will loosely end up looking like.

I have also finished my stitchery for my first mini quilt made for me but like most of my projects it is now in line for the machine sewing borders etc. It has turned out gorgeous already though. I'm sorry I can't tell you whose design it is as I found the stitchery traced on the white cotton in my UFO box & the pattern or magazine it came from no where to be seen.

The latest issue of Homespun definately had me swooning. See the table runner design on the cover (hanging off the table), it & the stitchery in the middle by Lisa Pyke of Cubby House Crafts is definately my cup of tea.
 I love the whole table runner design but decided to make the stitchery a bit bigger & stitch it for the Spring Mini Swap I am doing, organised by swap mama Cheryll from Gone Stitchin. Are you in the Spring swap? I wonder if I am stitching it for you??? I am definately going to have to duplicate this one & do one for me too.
Something else that took my eye when I saw the Homespun cover on Lisa's blog was naturally the colourful kitties. What could be more purrfect to add to the Quiltkitty household than a lemon stitchery kitten with pink ears? Of course he won't be an only kitty & there are plans for a whole litter in the fabric pile on my sewing desk.
So as always, there is a backup at the sewing machine of projects to be finished. My audit days at work start tomorrow so will soon be over. Even though there is catch up work to do I am already feeling a lot more relaxed. Soon there will be more time & energy for lots of machine sewing!
The last 2 weekends there have been big yard cleanup days to coincide with the verge pickup. Brutus coped by napping on the bed as usual, while Hun-bun tried to help but found it much more fun to sit in the neighbours rockery and watch the work being done. I'm sure he thinks he looks like a big, tough savannah lion. It's a good thing his honoury 'Uncle Neveille' doesn't mind him making himself at home in his yard.
Happy stitching
Tracee xx


  1. Your mini quilt stitchery is just gorgeous Tracee. You've got lots to keep you busy. Those little kitties by Lisa are so cute. When I saw them in the mag I'd decided I'll add them to my to do list!

  2. Beautiful stitching Tracee. I have been eyeing off the homespun...just have to get to the newsagents and now I might put the Country Threads on the list too.

  3. Beautiful stitching have made my day!!

  4. lots of ultra gorgeous projects..... I love those homespun projects too...

  5. This was such a great post... as I love...well...everything!
    Perhaps you are MY partner??? :)

  6. Lots of lovely stitchery, Tracee. I bought the latest issue of Homespun, too and I have already traced out the Paris panels to make a quilt for a friend - or at least add it to my WIPs!

  7. Your stitcheries are looking great Tracee, I love the post cards, I think I'll have to make those.
    Have a wonderful week.

  8. wow Trace i know why you are called the stitchery queen,those embroidered pieces are gorgeous,love Lisa's designs,she is very clever as is you,lovely projects on the go Trace,well done.Boy you would think those furbabies would've helped you a bit more,lol.xx

  9. Wow, stitchery queen indeed. Such gorgeous work.

  10. You are so busy and all of those projects are beautiful. looking forward to seeing them all finished :o) hugs

  11. Yes I think you deserve your crown....lots of lovely stitching happening there.

  12. You have been busy with your stitching..someone is going to be lucky in the Spring Mini Quilt swap when the receive your one..

  13. Go are stitching up a storm...looks fantastic

  14. Hail to the Queen! All your work is lovely. I love the little singing bird on his house and the kitty one of course.

  15. so much gorgeous stitching being done. i am looking forward to sewing for the fnsi

  16. Tracee you & me both love that table runner, how clever of you to re-purpose the stitchery for it & make it a mini! I subscribe to Homespun mag, and I try to restrict what other mags I buy, but it's hard not to buy when there are so many gorgeous cover pics & designs to see!


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