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Sunday, October 21, 2012

Spring Mini Swap

Hi all

I had the sweetest parcel to pick up from the post office late this week. It was my Spring Mini swap parcel & it came from our sweet friend Melody from The House on the Side of the Hill blog. If you are not a regular visitor to Mel (unlikely!), rush over there & check out her blog, the posts of beautiful creations & all the amazing free designs Mel find & shares with everyone.

My parcel was a delight right from the outset with the parcel wrapped in blue kitty fabric & blue ribbon. I love ribbon (almost as much as kitty fabric - I'm a ribbon stasher - shhh don't tell anyone!).

There was a beautiful card with my favourite flowers, sweet peas, on the front. My mum always grew sweet peas & they are so fragrant & prolific in flowering- I love them.

Inside was not only my lovely spring mini but generous Mel had also sent me a book - 'A Friend Like Ben' by Julia Romp. (A mother desperate for love. A little boy who can't show it. The cat that brought them together). All I need to add to that is a nice big box of tissues - the cat goes missing too! Thank you Mel, you thoughtfully picked up on my love of reading as well as kitties (surprise, surprise!).

And leaving the best to last - my Spring Mini quilt. Isn't it gorgeous, redwork stitchery, red & turquoise fabrics, bright & happy colours & a gorgeous design with buttons. Here it is, on my bronze mini quilt frame with the ribbon header. Purrfect!

Yes - that is a stack of magazines on the coffee table behind it - the ones I can't bear to put away yet.

So big kisses & thanks to sweet Mel - you can see I love everything!

Thanks also to our swap mama Cheryll of Gone Stitchin. There is still time to take part in the Christmas Mini Quilt Swap, it closes on the 25th October. Sign up to join in the fun on Cheryll's blog.

Happy stitching
Tracee xx


  1. hello kitty! too cute, block or quilt too :-)

  2. Mel has made such a lovely mini quilt for you. It looks gorgeous on your stand. The "wrapping fabric" is very cute. This has been a fun swap. Enjoy your goodies Tracee.

  3. So glad you liked it, big hugs

  4. Oohh such a cute one! Love the frame header too!!! :)

  5. wow Tracee,Mel has done an awesome job of your spring mini,love it,and what a beautiful lady Mel is to add all those lovely extras,what a wonderful parcel to receive Trace.xx

  6. What a fabulous swap surprise from Melody. Happy reading.

  7. You are a lucky girl with such lovely gifts and I love the mini quilt you sent too.


  8. Tracee your Mini is just gorgeous, and the book, very thoughtful...

  9. Gorgeous! What a lovely frame you have too!

  10. A lovely and thoughtful gift!

  11. Another gorgeous mini quilt, lucky you!!


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