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Saturday, October 27, 2012

The Luck of the Kiwis!

I know the traditional form is the luck of the Irish but I have been a pretty lucky Kiwi this week.
At last I am following in my mothers footsteps. She was lucky - small bits of luck that makes you smile. That reminds me that my mothers favourite word for it was that she was a 'tin bum' when it came to scratchies, small lotto wins, small horse racing bets etc.
Now I am assuming 'tin bum' meaning an extra lucky person must be a Kiwi saying & I can guarantee it came from my Grandad who also loved a 'flutter on the GGs'. A search online shows that 'tinny' was the saying in Australia around the turn of the century (tin in relation to coins) & that 'tin backed' was even used. I then quote the last line on World Wide 'The variant tin bum is known in New Zealand.'
So why was I a 'tin bum' this week?
First I was lucky enough to win The DVD of The Hunger Games from Samelia's Mum blog last week & it arrived Wednesday. I have read the 1st book in the series by Suzanne Collins on which the movie is based & loved it. The next one is on reserve from the library. The teen book series like this, Harry Potter, Maximum Ride & The Day After Tomorrow are really my idea of fun - what does that say about me - I'm still in touch with my youthful spirit! I found the movie just as good as the book though the book was much more detailled so maybe I filled in a lot of blanks by knowing the storyline already. Great though & thanks very much to Anorina for this win.

Next I received an email from Jenny of Elephantz to say I was one of the winners for her Embroidery workbook giveaway. This arrived Friday. I can never have enough stitch guides. Thanks very much Jenny!

Now the other thing mum told me was that luck - good or bad - always comes in threes!
Also on Friday I also received my latest issue of Vignette (yum yum) from Sarah at Patchwork Plus and included was the Mauritian Bloom Pattern Holder by the lovely Rosie Quinlan. I emailed Sarah thinking it was put in the wrong envelope & got a reply to say, no I won her giveaway too. I am so far behind in my blog reading I didn't even realise. Thanks so much Sarah!

I also received in the mail a new book that is a new US release but I am currently making a swap gift from it so more of that later. To begin with it wasn't the best Friday - you could say I wasn't completely a tin bum - stomach cramps, aching legs, headache & lots of visits to the smallest room in the house. After a full night of this Thursday night I was a bit miserable, so the postie dropping a nice bundle on my doorstep Friday lunch time was very welcome & cheered me up a lot.
Brun did his best to help with lots of cuddles but all the jumping up through the night didn't do much for either of our beauty sleep.
Hun-bun tried to compete with the wins by bringing me a present today too - a RAT! For some reason he still thinks my yelling 'bad murderer Hun-Bun' through the screen door is positive reinforcement.
By the way - no rats were harmed in the making of this picture. He was still alive, just playing dead. Unfortunately I can't vouch for what happened at a later date. Hun-bun picked rat up & tried to bring it inside for me so I ran, screamed & shut the door on him & his present.
Oh & I am still not winning the fluffy bed stand off.... maybe next winter.
Wishing you 'tin bummedness' too
Tracee xx  Brun xx  Hun-bun xx   rat : (


  1. well done my friend you are a tinny bum,congrats on all your wins,couldnt have happened to a nicer person.What a good protector hun bun is.xx

  2. Totally tinny winner, alright!! Congrats, Tracee. :-) xxx

  3. Congratulations on your wins Tracee. It must have been excitng receiving all the packages.

  4. Great prizes. Hope you are feeling much better now. Can't wait to meet you in December , fabulous Shez is organising a get together.

  5. Well no good me having a giveaway we would no how would win LOL. Sarah gave me the same pattern for spending to much money on thing in her shop. My cat bring me home presents all the time and drop them in the kitchen last wee it was a small lizard.

  6. You have been lucky, great prizes. We have watched the hunger games too, Charlie has all the books and loves them. Enjoy.

  7. Lucky lady!! Glad you're feeling better.

  8. Great deal of luck in your area! Now if only we could get your MiNi delivered!!! :(


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