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Sunday, December 30, 2012

Birthday-Love Stash Quilting

Hi all

I've signed up to be a Birthday-Love Stash quilter with Wendy from Sugarlane Quilts.

Here's how Wendy explained the new group;

I have the same problem every year........ someone’s birthday rocks around and I am TOTALLY unprepared for it and end up making something and sending it weeks (and sometimes months!!!) later.....or offering some feeble excuse and feeling exceptionally bad!!!!! I am known as the ultimate procrastinator...... So for 2013, I thought I’d try something a little bit different and thought, if you're like me, you might just want to join me!

Each month I will round up a number of different free patterns off the web, just simple but very lovely things, to make for birthday gifts....and each month I WILL COMMIT to making something (because I’ll be prepared!), and stashing them away for when the time is right to parcel them up and send them off so they arrive ON TIME for some lucky birthday gal or guy!

So, are you in the same boat as me??? Are you itching to join me in creating your own Birthday Love Stash???

So if that sounds good to you too, click on the link to Wendy's full post Birthday-Love Stash 2013 & join us.
I plan to start by making a stash of cards - why let the fact that I am not a card maker stop me - simple will be the key & I have scounted up some ideas already.....
Another great blog for constant project ideas is The House On The Side Of The Hill with our gorgeous Melody. She searches high & low and comes up with great ideas & projects.
And here's one I found today - a Christmas block as I just can't seem to get past Christmas crafts yet and it is a beauty.
This is by Erin from One Piece at a Time, from a 2011 quilt-a-long. You can download the instructions and make it in to what ever takes your fancy. Applique & a bit of stitchery - bliss!
I've filled out my diary - yes I still prefer a paper book like a scheduler at home, electronic at work. My first occasions are a Fat Quarter Birthday Club member on January 11th & my gorgeous Uncle Gordon who turns 89 on January 12th. What do you send by post to NZ to a man who never asks for anything for such a big birthday..... It was books, including The Royal Flying Doctor stories for Christmas as Uncle Gordon was the Head Ambulance driver in our home town for 30+ years. I have to ring home & beg for ideas.....
Out for lunch on a day in Blenheim with Uncle Gordon Christmas 2010
So if you need a bit of pressie prompting like me, join us in this group.
Happy stitching
Tracee xx


  1. thankyou Trace for that link it is so cute.xx

  2. Im a little over xmas now but will save that link for next year ;) thanks for sharing. hugs

  3. Great idea to keep you on track with birthdays Tracee...
    Would your dear Uncle like a little Mug Rug.... Always good on a little table next to his favorite chair in the lounge...

  4. I have downloaded & saved it already!! very cute, thanks for the link.
    Getting organised for occasions/birthdays is one of my 'resolutions' for 2013, so we can hold each others hands as we try to do that!!

  5. Thank you for the link about this so cute angel !!

  6. It's a great idea and I will be joining in too.... Happy New Year and have lots of fun filling your birthday stash...

  7. Happy New Year! I might actually have a look at the birthday stash.

  8. Oh Brunie, your Mommy & me are so much alike. When I saw this:

    "I plan to start by making a stash of cards - why let the fact that I am not a card maker stop me - simple will be the key"

    well, it was like looking in the mirror!!!

    What a terrific idea. Where do I sign up?! 8)

  9. That angel is so cute, have lots of fun filling up your birthday stash! Hugs Wendy

  10. What a great idea, i'll be joining up too. Happy birthday to Uncle Gordon


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