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Friday, December 28, 2012

SSCS & Other Gifts

Hi all, survived Christmas and now trying to live out the Perth Christmas Heatwave of 2012. 10  days of temps around 40+ degrees & not even a low 30 forecast until next Thursday 3rd January - that's next year!
I'm just thankful that the worst I have to complain about is the heat & it's not as if I didn't know if was coming - it's been the same for the last 26 years I have lived here & every year I say 'I can't take another year of that' and every year I do nothing about it. Bah humbug to me!
On to more exciting things. Here are a few pressies that were under my tree from lovely bloggers;
From Michell in New Zealand from Michell's Place blog, this is my SSCS swap present. A gorgeous table runner & Michelle tells me it is her first time at FMQ - awesome - if only I can get to that level I will be happy! It's just the perfect size for my coffee table & gorgeous colours and prints.
Thank you so much Michell & your Christmas decorations (gingerbread man & snowman) opened earlier & blogged about here took pride of place in my little Christmas decorating. The Father Christmas & Stocking were brought at the Drysdale Craft shop (on the Bellerine Peninsular) while on my Ballarat holiday.
Also under the tree was this huge box of goodies from our gorgeous Shez which will be put to great use. What could be better in a sweaty, smelly Perth heatwave???

And this gorgeous angel who will take pride of place on my tree each year to come. Thank you my angel Shez! xx

And from our lovely friend Melody, another parcel I brought home from Ballarat. It contained lots of goodies, a kitty-cat bag, a snowman applique bag with choccies & candy canes and the most beautiful woollen pin cushion.

And a close up of the linen bag - chocs long gone & only a couple of candy canes left too....

And the kitty-cat pin cushion. I haven't made anything with wool felt yet & this is my first gift made of such so I think you have managed to give me a new obsession Mel. It is just delightful! Thank you dear Melody xx

And to end this is the cat & mouse Christmas card my cousin Chris sent me from New Zealand. She is a card maker, knitters & crocheter but i would say from this card that she has a lot of stitching potential too!

Spoilt again & loving it!

Happy New Year!

Tracee xx


  1. lovely santa you bought trace and wasnt Mel's gift gorgeous,i love those linen snowman bags so much,great post ,stay cool my friend and say hi to the boys from their Aunty Shez.xx

  2. I can relate how you are feeling with the heat BUT i go for my bob in the morning and then lock myself inside with the Air con..
    You have received some beautiful gifts from all your friends and swappers..It makes Christmas so much fun...
    Have a Happy New Year Tracee.

  3. Come on Tracee, you know you love the foul heat at Christmas, LOL...
    All the pressies look just lovely, and you'll be smelling lovely too. Indeed the card from your cousin is really clever, what a great skill! x

  4. Lovely gifts Tracee... I have been watching your weather... we are hot but nothing like what you have!! best to stay inside and play with your new toys!

  5. Such beautiful gifts, try not to over do it in the heat.

  6. What lovely gifts Tracee. I love the kitty on your cushion from Mel. Isn't the wool just beautiful to touch!

  7. Hello Tracee, oh I don't miss those Perth summers at all. You poor thing. Its a beautiful 20 degrees here in Tassie and just lovely.

    Your gifts are really nice, I'm sure you will enjoy them all.
    Have a great day and stay cool. xx

  8. Tracee, what an amazing array of gorgeous goodies. You must have been very good this year :D I know how you feel about the heat though we haven't had temps as high as that here in Brisbane.
    Cath @ Bits 'n Bobs

  9. So many lovely gifts, swaps sure make Christmas fun! Poor you with the heat, I think 25 degrees is hot!

  10. Beautiful gifts and try and keep yourself and the furries cool.

  11. It has been an amazing Christmas this year full of gorgeous gifts and heartfelt treasures.
    Really hope you and the furboys stay cool for the next week and a bit. Hate those high temps.

  12. Another very spoilt blogger...wonderful gifts...

  13. the runner looks great on your coffee table......lots of lovely gifts from the girls.............thanks for being part of the SSCS 2012............hope your surviving the heat.........most days have been mid to high 30's here for the last month............

  14. Lovely gifts !! you have been spoilt !!
    All my best wishes for the new year !

  15. Lots and lots of gorgeous gifts you have there. I can tell it's going to be hard for you to resist a new obsession.... wool! Perhaps you should wait till it's a bit cooler to start playing with it though. The little pussy pin cushion is adorable... you can't possibly stick pins in it.. there'll be an outcry! Love the runner on your coffee table. Smellies are always a treat as for the angel.... it's beautiful!
    Happy New Year to you and the Boys....

  16. So glad you received lots of Christmas goodies


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