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Sunday, January 6, 2013

Weekends With Brunnie =^..^=

Hi friends! Brunnie here, survived my 21st Christmas!

I have been waiting, waiting, waiting & waiting some more for muma to finish dinner, open up the blog post page and leave me in peace to write my very important blog post to my friends!

Finally we are underway friends!

Hun-bun & Brunnie had a purrfect Christmas. We have new stockings that muma made up from fabrics Aunty Melody sent special for Brunnie & Hun-bun.

Muma did some pretty whites stitchy on each one. My stocking has the patchwork at the front with the turquoise lining & Hun-bun's stocking has the big cat face (like his big round cat face) with the purple lining. I say 'Muma - write that down so Hun-bun don't pinch my stocking on my 22nd Christmas'. Muma said 'We'll see Brunnie'. Muma knows Hun-bun is a knicker. He knickered a mouse today & tried to bring it home for muma. Muma wouldn't open the screen door for mouse to come inside again. It was so hot, Hun-bun came in by himself & left mouse outside alone.

Muma hung the stockings up for Santa and I slept out in the lounge watching for Santa Paws but didn't see him come at all. Yet Christmas morning Brunnie's stocking was full of goodies.... Happy, Happy, Happy!

 Hun-bun's stocking was full of goodies..... Happy, Happy, Happy!

Hun-bun was up late Christmas Eve, not a morning cat, he usually naps in like muma....

Next it was time for special Christmas breakfast. Hun-bun & Brunnie received two yummy treats from Aunty Shez so we had to decide what to have for breakfast..... Tuna, sardines, tuna, sardines, tuna, sardines, Bruunie too purry on Christmas morning to decide....

Hun-bun say 'Don't panic old dude, it's Christmas, we have tuna for breakfast and sardines for lunch. Muma will give us lunch on Christmas Day!' So we did!

Big purry thanks yous to Aunty Melody & Aunty Shez for making our Christmas such a treat!

Muma is back off to work tomorrow so no more lunches for Brunnie & Hun-bun....

Happy New Year Friends!

Hun-bun & Brunnie hope all our friends are managing to stay fairly cool
 in the heat of summer and that our friends especially in Tasmania are 
far from the fires currently threatening. We hope all the animals are 
safe and pets are with their mumas!

Bye friends!
Brunnie xxx Hun-Bun xxx


  1. It sounds like you all had a wonderful Christmas. Brunnie - it's not nice to wait up for Santa! Stay cool and safe.

  2. Congratulations Brunnie on making it past your 21st Christmas. That's quite an accomplishment. And Hun-bun, that's an amazing yawn you have there; it's contagious half-way around the world. (Glad the mouse is on your side of the world, though, and the other side of your door, Tracee!)

  3. Glad to see your Christmas was purfect Brunnie. Sharyn:)

  4. Purrrrrfect time for the furies lol.

  5. Another FuN post. Enjoy your first day back at &*5%! lol :)

  6. Purry New Year to Brunnie and Hun-Bun from Jayne and Fleur >o<

  7. Fun post and looks like the Kitty's have been spoilt...

  8. Looks like Auntie Melody and Auntie Shez have spoilt you two!

  9. such a good post brunnie,i was wondering when you were going to do your next one.
    Glad you both had a good xmas,and extra glad hon bun left the mouse outside,especially for muma,she doesnt like mouses,lol.xx

  10. Very entertaining post Tracee!! I love that big
    yawn....almost makes me want to have a nap.
    Cheers, Anita.

  11. Yup. Sounds like you have a good life, Brunnie and Hun Bun. So pleased you are well looked after and not forgotten in the excitement of Christmas swaps.

  12. What a wonderful post Brunnie wrote!! Love that the pussy's had stockings and special gifts, I better not let our pussy's Barney or Holly see or they may get upset!!

  13. Looks like a pampered Christmas for these special little guys.
    Happy New Year to you.

  14. What an adorable post, you look after your babies so well - glad they had a wonderful holiday too!!!


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