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Sunday, January 27, 2013

Winners Are Grinners!

It's been a long process to the drawing of winners here today. I seemed to make a lot of erroneous assumptions. I thought I knew cats - I thought I knew my cats....... They had a few lessons to teach me today.

First I printed out all the comments & decided to cunningly wrap kitty treats up in the paper. I then planned to throw them randomly on the mat & as the boys chowed down, the winners would be picked in order of munching......

1st Mistake - it was 36 degrees today & like a couple of wharfies with union representation, the boys refused to work in the heat of the day. Little Brunnie stayed napping on the TV table & refused to get down and Hun-bun napped in the fernery.

So we waited awhile until things cooled down a bit & little fluffy tummies would be wanting their dinner.... How about a bowl filled with paper & cheesey treats boys????

2nd Mistake - all cats love playing with paper or so I thought. I randomly sprinkled them about on the rug in front of the boys bowls waiting for them to investigate. 

Brunnie walked straight past & went to his biscuit bowl - Í'm too old muma, I play on the inside now'.

Who could have guessed, Hun-bun is scared of balls of paper with treats inside. When I sprinkled them near him, all 7kgs of him leaped in the air & he went running to the front door crying. When I followed him, he cowered at the door from me. I carried him back to the papers & put him down & he ran & hid under the table, peeking at me through the lace tablecloth.

After two more tries I had to admit, Kitty Pickers they are not so it is back to our little digital friend at Drum roll please, so the winners are....

Prize 1 - Gail Pan kit goes to SUSAN IN TEXAS!

Prize 2 - Wonderfully Whimsical Quilts goes to CHRISTINE M!

Prize 3 - Felties goes to VICKIE!

Prize 4 - ACC&D Address Book goes to CHERYLL!

Prize 5 - Rosie Quinlin Pattern goes to SALLY JAMES!

Prize 6 - Natalie Ross Pattern goes to FIONA!

Prize 7 - Gumboots Fabric goes to MHAIRI!

Prize 8 - Gumboots Fabric goes to JOSIE! Gumboot fabric flying to Scotland...... lovely!

I will now go & send emails to my lucky friends. Thanks to all who entered & pushed me up to 110 followers. I wish there was gifts for all. It's only 15 days to my blogiversary so we shall see if I am up to another giveaway by then. I'm feeling somewhat scarred by the boys lack of participation. Obviously my boys are a lazy lot!

Happy stitching
Tracee xxx


  1. This comment has been removed by the author.

  2. WOW, my first ever blog giveaway win. Thank you so much!!!

  3. lol,the boys are on strike,congrats to the lucky winners,great prizes guys,have a wonderful day my friend.xx

  4. Hi Tracee, your cats are so funny, who would have thought they didn't want to play your games. Congrats to all the winrers.

  5. hahha.... such a great story.... I just had to laugh at the cat antics.... and I'm so glad to have won a lovely prize....

  6. Congrats to everyone! Who'd have thought a computer generated number picker would be more um reliable than cats? Nice of you to give them many chances to participate :)

  7. Congratulations to the winners!!
    Those cats sure do have a mind of
    their own. Enjoy the long weekend.
    Cheers, Anita.

  8. Funny cats...congratulations to the winners!

  9. What funny cats they are. Luckily you have the random picker as fall back. Congrats to everyone.

  10. Oh your kitties are so funny! Can't blame them for not wanting to work in the heat! Thanks you Tracee and congratulations to the other winners.

  11. thank you so much..I just can't ever imagine life without a pussy cat or two in has been horrid here too,cheers Vickie

  12. Cute post!! Congrats to everyone.

  13. LOL those two need another way of earning their keep! Mine on the other hand put a lovely big lizard in my sneaker this morning. Mmmm he needs to have a stern talking to.


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