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Saturday, February 2, 2013

Friday Night Knit In

My Friday Night Sew In turned into a Friday Night Knit In. My plan was to play with some half square triangles from a charm pack of Central Park. I was thinking of making some placemats and a table runner so deciding whether to make each mat an individual colourway or mix all the colours up together.

I didn't get home from work until nearly 7pm so by the time I fluffed around on the computer & decided I needed some dinner before 9pm, I realised that they were replaying episodes of My Kitchen Rules. I had forgotten to watch until a conversation with the lady serving me at the petrol station on Tuesday (Number 8 please - $53.86, any vouchers - yes please - did you watch my kitchen rules -  no, has it started? - yes, the Tassie boys were on last night - Oh I wanted to see that one!....)

So by 9pm I was on the couch, bacon sandwich in hand, cup of tea at the elbow and knitting ready to go. What I didn't realise was that it was a replay of all three episodes so it was around 1.30am before I was off to bed. I have made this scarf before with yarn from Spotlight, Paris by Panda. 

It is soft & stretchy so snuggles the neck & I like the autumn tones with a splash of raspberry. Mine's still going strong, hanging on the rack waiting for next winter so this one is for my present box.

So now I have another pressie for the Birthday Stash box and am up to date with my MKR's viewing. So like everyone watching this show I am looking forward to Monday's episode and hoping the Spice Girls might get a small lesson in how to be a little more humble and respectful. It is fun though watching the two pairs of cocky youngsters who are happy to boast they know everything and can see the faults in each others behaviour but not their own. I loved seeing where the Tassie boys lived in Deep Bay, right on the water, just down the road from one of my favourite spots, Cygnet in the Huon Valley. More country venues I say!

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I have the WA Quilt Guilds Applique Club meeting tomorrow so tonight it's back out with my very neglected SKOW quilt. If I can finish one more block then that is another row that can be machine sewn & only another one & a half rows to go.

Happy stitching
Tracee xx


  1. Nice colors in your wool Tracee. Sounds like you had a busy night. Sharyn:)

  2. Love the scarf! The colors are terrific. I thought about crocheting and decided I should get busy and cut 2 1/2 squares. Spent a couple hours at that.

  3. Thats a terrific scarf, I also watched that program but I didn't last as long as you.


  4. Great design that scarf Tracee. Loving the wee half trianges too, very fresh. Knitting on a Friday night would be pretty relaxing after a busy day.... I might comtemplate that in a month or two. Just a bit hot here for knitting right now.

  5. So weird. I was thinking of this pattern earlier today AND I want to do it in those colours. Why? Well at work we sponsor a charity fighting children's cancer and we get to wear gold/yellow instead of black and I was thinking of making a table runner to raffle and help raise the funds. Thanks for the inspiration.
    Cath @ Bits 'n Bobs

  6. Your scarf is lovely....and I love the Tassie boys...

  7. What beautiful colours Tracee. Boy you did have a late night.

  8. the scarf is lovely... great colours... I wouldn't have managed to stay up that late...

  9. Hi Tracee,
    I bet that scarf is lovely and soft. Lucky to find
    a great mix of colours like that. Hope you catch up
    on some sleep.
    Cheers, Anita.

  10. glad to hear SKofW mentioned........let me know if you get another row done and you can post it on the SAL........

  11. Love the colors in the scarf. With you fully re the spice girls :) have a great day tomorrow. hugs

  12. love your scarf Trace,such a clever idea,well done,now we both need to get cracking on our SKOW.xx

  13. Beautiful scarf Tracee, such pretty colors!

  14. Sew, knit tis all good...thanks for joingin me on Friday whilst you knitted your scarf...nice colour too !


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