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Saturday, February 16, 2013

Taking Better Pics For The Blog

One thing I would love to do is be able to take better pictures for my blog, be able to set up better tableaus, make everything look more vibrant,

I want to be able to style my pictures better. I look at the pics on favourite blogs like Lilabelle Lane, A Spoonful of Sugar, A House On The Side Of The Hill and the very talented Lisa at Cubby House Crafts & wish I knew where to start.
So tonight when I saw I had received an email from Craftsy for a Valentines Sale in their online courses, I took a browse through to see if there is anything to add to my wishlist.

I like doing online classes, they are a good price, I can go back to the information over & over again so learn at my speed, redo sections and I can do when it suits me - so if I want to start the next lesson at midnight so be it. It's hard to find an in-person class offered then! Every class also comes with a 100% money back guarantee.

I also learn much better by watching & doing so I can go away & try out what I have learnt before moving on. I signed up for the Free Motion Quilt class last year but didn't get far due to work commitments & the excitement of too many swaps. Never mind, it's still there ready for me to commence back again - just roll over that New Year Resolution..... It is called Machine Quilting, Free Motion & More and is 50% off at $19.39 in the sale.

So back to my photography dilemma - it's been in the back of my mind for ages so when browsing Craftsy tonight & I saw their new course 'Shoot It!' A Product Photography Primer - I was ├Źn like Flynn' as my mum used to say. 

This is how Craftsy described the course;

Shoot It!

A Product Photography Primer

with Caro Sheridan

You don't need expensive software or a super-fancy camera to take great photos - just the knowledge you'll get in this essential class,

If you've ever noticed the beautiful photography on someone's blog, book, published patterns or Etsy page, and wondered, "How do they DO that?" this is the class for you. Quality photos make the difference between marketing that sings and stuff that makes you look like a total amateur.

Knitter and photographer Caro Sheridan explains it all - from planning before the shoot to editing afterwards, and all the details in between. Whether you're looking to shoot product pics, or just want to learn more about photography, you will benefit from Caro's upbeat, irreverent and detailed instruction.

What You'll Learn in Shoot It!

  • How to plan and execute a photoshoot from start to finishMaking a storyboard and shot list to create the story you want to tell
  • What a pro keeps in her tool kit - from lipstick to legal forms
  • How to capitalize on the fancy features of whatever camera you have
  • Directing your model and getting the hero shot
  • Photo fundamentals like composition and color
  • The basics of digital editing - without expensive software

It is usually priced at US$49.99 but until Sunday midnight US time it is only $19.99. 


To check out this course & watch the video preview click Online Product Photography Class. Fingers crossed this leads to some better photography of my projects, decorating & Hun-bun.

A 'before the class' photo - see what I mean!

While you are there check out the free courses Craftsy offers on useful subjects like Sewing Machine Feet, Creative Quilt Backs, Bag Making Basics & my favourite, The Craftsy 2013 Block of the Month. I need to get more practice piecing & while I may not make the whole quilt, a few blocks that I can do at my pace & with a tutor and class mates to ask questions of is a fine idea. The price is definitely right too! 

I love Craftsy so much and recommend them highly so I have signed up for their affiliate program. That means if you purchase a class via my links, I get a commission to put towards more classes. If you would like to do this too on your blog or web site, then join the Craftsy Affiliate Program too. It's free, easy and they are quick to approve and get you started.

Happy learning
Tracee xx


  1. Wow Tracee, what a great way to learn new stuff! I must take some time and check out your suggestions. Your pics have always looked fine to me, so they will look even fine-er-er with your new skills!
    Hun-Bun will think the paparazzi have moved in!

  2. I have signed up for the freeBOM but only watched one session so far. Glad you recommended them Tracee because. I have often wondered. Sharyn:)

  3. oooohhh I might have to sign up for that one too. The Photography staging is something that I want to learn....

  4. Great idea... sounds like fun too ..

  5. sounds very interesting Trace,have fun and i look forward to many more of your wonderful pics,have a great sunday my friend.xx

  6. Sounds a great idea, I hope you enjoy it. I will have to check it all out.

  7. I have looked at their courses but never tried them. Maybe I should go and have another look. Have fun with yours. hugs

  8. That sounds really interesting Tracee, I hope you enjoy it.

  9. Thanks for the heads up, Tracee. I got the email but ignored it because I have already signed up to a couple of their classes and haven't got to them yet, but photography is always good. Off to have a look.xx

  10. Thanks for the tip Tracee. I'm sick of cutting
    people's heads off in photo's. lol.
    Cheers, Anita.

  11. Enjoy your new class and have fun taking pics too.

  12. Enjoy your new class - sounds great! I think I'm enrolled in about 8 courses atm, LOL!! LOVE them!!

  13. It's a great idea !! It's not so easy to get beautiful pictures !!
    Enjoy your class !


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