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Saturday, March 2, 2013

Friday Night with Friends

Hi all

Last night I took part in Friday Night with Friends, having a stitching night while watching some Criminal Minds - my favourite show.

I started a new project for a recently born little friend. It is a stitchery stuffie of a bunny from a Sew Little Pattern (by Melly from Melly & Me) called Stuffie Play. I love making these & put a few bells deep in the stuffing so they are a rattle as well as a toy.

The fabric I am putting on the back is by Melly & Me too, called Where The Wind Blows. Bunny has a turquoise outline with red, pink & black. I managed to get all the outline stitched so tonight will hopefully finish the rest of the stitchery.

So that was my Friday night & thanks to our sewing-muma Cheryl. Hop (pun intended!) on over to her blog Gone Stitchin to visit everyone else who took part. It was a big party with over 50 bloggers taking part.

Two weeks ago I visited an op shop in the hope of picking up an old handbag with stupendously nice handles so I could cut them off to put on a bag I intend to make. Ever since I have kept the handbag on my sewing table so I stared at it everytime I went past hoping I would make a decision. As is my way, I was happy with my purchase & even more so when the ticket price of $7 ended up being half price. $3.50 for leather bag handles is quite a bargain. Then I got it home, looked through it, thought this is almost new, it's a Nine West leather handbag - maybe I shouldn't cut it up, maybe I should use it as is, maybe I should look again for handles......
But the deciding factor was the big buckle - it just didn't talk to me, so as the song says - the first cut is the deepest!
Trying to cut through two layers of creamy soft leather & stitching was almost impossible while trying to take a pic with the other hand so here's the result of the first cut. After three minutes of mass destruction the hangbad was reduced to the sum of it's collectable parts - two gorgeous handles;
And a super heavy duty magnetic clasp;
The rest is in the bin. So now I have to make the new bag so this lovely handbag can be reincarnated & didn't sacrifice it's first life in vain.... I'm still contemplating rescuing some of that lovely soft balck leather...... just in case I ever need it for anything.
I also made another purchase for $2 that no quilter could resist. I guess it is a night shirt. It must have been brought as a novelty for a quilter & like me they couldn't bear the thought of wearing a high neck t-shirt to bed. It's too cute anyway. I thought maybe it would make a good cushion. So tell me, what would you do with this little quirky quilters saying?
I have the WAQA Applique Club again tomorrow. The month flies by again. I am looking forward to it so better go work out what to cook to take along for lunch.
Happy stitching
Tracee xx


  1. I have made a few of those Stuffies, they are so cute. Well done on finding that bag. Looking forward to seeing the handles on your new bag. hugs

  2. That's was a fabulous bargain. Your little stitchery bunny is super cute too.

  3. The bunny looks very cute. He has a friendly face. Love the handles.

  4. Great bargain Tracee and can't wait to see them on a created bag. Cute rabbit . Sharyn:)

  5. Hi Tracee,
    I just love the op shops, all those little
    treasures waiting to come home with us. Love
    the bunny stitchery too.
    Cheers, Anita.

  6. Sweet Bunny.
    Look forward to seeing the reincarnation of that shirt!
    Enjoy stitching with friends.

  7. The bunny stuffie is so adorable!!
    Cath @ Bits 'n Bobs

  8. Love these stuffies Trace and your rabbit will be so cute,what a great idea for getting bag handles i hadnt thought of that,and i think a cushion is a great idea.xx

  9. Hi Tracee. Sounds like a great night in. How does it work with 50 bloggers? Are you all online together while stitching or do you just share what you've done afterwards? Great idea. Is Criminal Minds on every Friday night? It's one of my favourites too! Enjoy your Applique Club. Tracy

  10. Tracee you handbag vandal! What a clever idea, to use the handles and put them on a new bag...
    I just realised that the black cat on your sidebar follows the computer mouse movement... so I had a great time making the cat dizzy by moving my mouse in circles around its head!! (no I am NOT 12!) x

  11. Your bunny looks cute and I loved the saying on the t.shirt it would look great as a cushion especially on the bed,aren't op shops te best to find bargains and unexpected bits and pieces :) Barb.

  12. I bought a couple of really cheap bags once just because I wanted the bamboo handles. Now come to think of it, I think they still have their handles attached as I haven't gotten around to making any bags! LOL!

  13. Very cute stuffie....gorgeous. Looks like a very chic handbag coming up. Well done.

  14. Love the stuffie and what a great idea to get some lovely bag handles too. Look forward to seeing a bag attached to them soon.

  15. Love the stuffie and what a great idea to get some lovely bag handles too. Look forward to seeing a bag attached to them soon.

  16. I love your bunny and I'm sure baby will love it too. I just threw away a handbag and didn't think to remove the metallic clasps... D'Oh!

  17. Lovely bunny. Gorgeous recycled bits, good luck with your new bag. Why do manufacturers of the really cute and funny sayings ALWAYS put them on high round neck shirts?

  18. Adorable bunny pattern and great find on the purse handles!

  19. I like those handles .. hope you show us the bag that you use them on :) x x


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