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Sunday, March 24, 2013

Vote For Brunnie =^..^=

Hi friends, I have entered a pic of my much missed little fur-boy Brunnie in a spring photo comp on Facebook & the Love Cats website. Brunnie loved the garden & the pic I submitted with him between the daffis is one of my favourites.

Click on this link to Love Cats if you would like to vote for Brunnie. To vote you rate the picture out of 5 paws. HB & I greatly appreciate it & those of you from Facebook like our dear Shez who have voted so far. He may not win, but it is nice to have little Brunnie out in cyber space getting some votey loving.

On another furry matter - HB is not sure whether he wants to be named after a pencil or not..... he is sleeping on that decision (again).

There hasn't been much sewing happening this week. I have had three very early nights trying to get rid of the last few coughs & sore throats of this cold & been MYOBing up a storm in order to hand over the treasurers role I do for our Cali club next week.

One stuffie has been finished though, 1 more is ready to be stuffed & the rest are by the sewing machine waiting to have their backings put on. 

I also have some Easter baskets to sew later today & my Xmas bauble to finish knitting tonight while Midsummer Murders is on. If you are looking for some last minute easy Easter baskets to make, this tutorial from A Spoonful of Sugar Designs is what I am using & they say they take about 15 minutes each to make. A great idea for any occasion, just change the ribbon to suit. Check out their latest post for Easter Basket cupcakes too (& invite me around if you make some!).

Pic from A Spoonful of Sugar to direct you to the tutorial only.

Here's mine ready to sew. I'm thinking of using invisible thread so I don't have big coloured stitches through the ribbon - decisions, decisions... Naturally I didn't go with pretty white bags, lots of colour & I am loving the lime green as always. The ribbon is the Spotlight Easter specials so not much selection & couldn't get my hands on any woven ribbon in time. Never mind, these will look cute & hold a few choccies as well.

After Easter when my Let's Celebrate Swap parcel is with my swap partner Glenys, then I will be able to show you a couple of recent projects completed as well as what I receive.

Happy Sunday
Tracee xx


  1. Well Brun has my vote already - yes before I even wrote this comment! And I agree that the pic is a really good one of him, good luck with it!
    Very pretty Easter stitching Tracee, thanks for the link.
    Take care & I hope you feel 100% again soon x

  2. Like Anthea, I voted for Brun before commenting too. Chuckled at the HB pencil. Like our cockatiel, Charlie Bird that was shortened to CB and then became Talkie Sqwarkie.
    The stuffie is gorgeous and the bags are so cute. I am trying to get Easter organised but I think I need another week.
    Hope you loose the rest of the buggies real quick.
    Furry face rubs from mine to you.

  3. How could I (or anyone) resist giving Brunnie their vote? he has got mine!
    Cath @ Bits 'n Bobs

  4. I'm like Anthea and have voted before leaving you a comment! That is a lovely photo of him. Looking forward to seeing your Easter sewing.

  5. Yes I'll go and vote for Brunnie, what a cute
    pic!! Love your little stuffie as well.
    Take care, Anita.

  6. Yay Brunnie. 5 Paws!
    Cute Easter projects.

  7. Your little Brunnie = 5 paws >^..^<

  8. Good luck with the gorgeous photo of Brunnie..

  9. He certainly has my vote and Grace's too. Look forward to seeing some more projects when your swap arrives at its destination.

  10. Voting done.. good luck.. its a lovely picture... I really should try and get an Easter basket done.... and I love the little stuffie...

  11. My voting done also, great photo of Brunnie. Cute softie, hope you get better, hugs Wendy xx

  12. He has so many votes ! How lovely. I hope you don't mind me borrowing a photo of Brutus from your blog to make a link to this post in my side bar.

  13. I voted for that sweet boy.
    Love that stuffie. Of course, you knew I would.


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