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Saturday, April 13, 2013

Friday Night with Friends on Facebook

Hi all, another day in paradise, 24 degrees advertised for Perth & overcast - even some rain! V8s on 7Mate from Puke in NZ & the West Coast Eagles vs Melbourne just starting on 7. Fingers crossed our WA team will finally get 4 points for a win. Sorry Melbourne, hope dearly you turn the team around but just not today.

Last night I took part in the inaugural Friday Night with Friends on Facebook. There is none of the peaceful stitching that takes place on our Friday Night get togethers. It was frantic posting on the page, commenting on other posts & pics, personal messaging, swapping of kitty pics (purr purr), ducking back to the couch to knit or stitch, watching footy, listening for the pings on FB, running back to the puter, back to the couch. It was a very lively Friday night!

Here was my preparation for the night, two projects - some more stitchery if the footy was boring and small person headband knitting for if the footy was exciting & would make my stitchery stitches all wonky. I was ready for anything!

Of course the footy was exciting and I tried hard to keep knitting. The last 5 minutes I kept jumping up, knitting flew off the needles, needles went down the couch, tea spilt, pattern book closed, screaming loud made me have a coughing fit & Hun-bun ran out of the room all crouched low with hackles raised, last seen crossing the Nullabour to go stay with Aunty Shez in Ballarat. Oh yes - and they bet the Dockers, double bonus, I'm one of those 'WA does not need a second AFL team' kind of people - especially not those Freo D5^&%$*(! Plus more importantly, I'm very, very happy for James & the boys! Didn't hurt that I tipped Essendon either.... 

Now I just changed channels to the footy & with 6 minutes to go in the 1st quarter Melbourne is beating the Eagles 24 to 14. I have faith my Eaglies will manage to scrape back a win but let's face facts, when my team is good, they are great - but when my team is bad, they are very, very bad! Anything could happen.

Anyway in the happy chaos that was last night, I did accomplish something. I finished one headband and started another.

If you are a knitter you will be able to see straight away that the two bands are different. In fact, they are both different from the pattern too. Here's another fine example of me not reading instructions & having trouble multi-tasking. The headband in the book is a four pattern repeat, same four rows over & over. While watching the 2nd episode of The Following on Wednesday night (loving it, love Kevin Bacon - he & I share something special - our birthday is the same date) I started the now completed headband. I read only the first two rows and kept repeating them. Cute headband but it wasn't until it was nearly finished I thought - that looks different to the pic - doh!

Then last night, head band number two while watching a movie, I finally did a four row repeat but instead of knitting the last two rows as per the pattern, I did a knit & a purl. Both new patterns still look good but will be nice if headband number three actually follows the pattern! Never mind, on the positive side I figure I can now call myself a headband designer, with two different designs so far.....

So hopefully band number 2 will be finished today & will get some stitching done this afternoon & evening while watching more footy then I see The Voice is on. Oh the excitement of my weekend evenings - good thing they are exactly what I want them to be.

This new book is beautiful. Baby & Toddler Knits Made Easy - that's my kind of stuff & $25.66 delivered for over 50 patterns makes me happy too! Click on the link above if you want to see more. There are clothes, accessories, toys, blankets etc, everything a tiny person would need.

Applique Club Sunday so I am making a banana cake to take for morning tea & have to be thinking about what to take as my shared lunch dish before shopping (after Eagles finish but before Carlton game starts - footy tragic!) ......

One more important matter. I know many of you are like me & do a swoon at any new range of fabric that comes out from mother & daughter designer duo Bonnie & Camille. My fabric for the stitchery above is part of the Marmalade range. I read both their blogs and mum Bonnie from the blog Cotton Way has recently been diagnosed with breast cancer and started treatment. Given all the joy and beauty this lovely lady brings to our lives I think it would be nice if as many of us as possible visit her blog & let her know we care and are sending her love & healing wishes. If that sounds good, pop over & say hi.

Must away, Eagles are back in front & after the previous week & all weekend home sick I have a house that needs more of a fumigate than a clean but me, the sponge & some environmentally friendly cleaner will give it our best shot!

Happy stitching & hope your team wins (like Michelle's Broncos!)
Tracee xx


  1. great post trace you always make me laugh you are good for one's soul,enjoy your weekend my friend,lol,no sign of hun bun yet,lol.xx

  2. I told my boys you may come and visit us and that you love the footy so they were pleased you would sit and watch it with them. Jacob asked me though what would you do when dad swears at the footy, I told him you probably do the same. lol.
    The head band is just so cute.Wish I had a daughter.

  3. I was there last night too but I resisted the "ping" of my phone! Seriously I'd get nothing done if I looked at it every time it went off :) Did you see that Bonnie is doing better than she thought she would at this stage which is great. She has all my positive thoughts. hugs

  4. Hey Tracee. As excitable in print as you are in person I see! :) Glad the Eagles had a win today. I must say I was a bit sorry for the Dockers but they could have turned it around twice at the end of the game so what can you do. Your headbands look lovely and so does the Marmalade fabric range.

    I am hoping to join in with the regular FNWF next month but didn't realise a weekly FB group has started. Better check it out as I would like to start doing more stitching again.

    I'm glad you are feeling better and hope to see you soon. Cheers, Tracy xx

  5. Fun post Tracee, love the headbands, I'm sure they will look really cute on! I'm not so great at multi taking either!! Hope Hun Bun has forgiven you :) hugs Wendy

  6. What a busy night! Sounds like you had fun.

  7. I laughed so hard when you said you scared Hun-Bun so much with your cheering that she was going to move out. I can see that you really care about footy! The knitting is lovely too. 8)

    Take care,
    Susan in Texas


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