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I love cats because I enjoy my home; and little by little, they become its visible soul. - Jean Cocteau

Friday, April 19, 2013

Happy 21st Birthday Little Brun

Well today would have been my little Brunnie's 21st birthday. So I am celebrating with pictures of my little man & cuddles with my big man Hun-bun.

A sprightly 16 year old

Backyard camping in 2002 - only 10 years old!

Big kissies with muma for her 38th birthday 2004 - yes she is in her jim-jams!
2004 Relaxing - Grannie says I was always showing off my duffie!
 Christmas 2005 - Still an only cat spoilt with lots of pressies

Catching the last rays of the day with brother Hun-Bun 2011
2011 channeling my inner quilter

It worked - August 2011 showing a preference for cat prints

2012 Eating mint choc chip ice cream in bed

Gone but never forgotten little grey. xx


  1. Aw, Tracee, what great pics of your little guy, I bet he's having a big party in Cat Heaven with his mates, to celebrate turning 21!
    The "Pawprints" poem is really lovely x

  2. Happy 21st little Brunnie.

    Thank you for sharing those photos...I won't let my cats see the one of Brunnie eating ice cream in bed, they may begin to feel very neglected ;)

    The verse is beautiful, and oh so true. xoxox

  3. Happy birthday little man hope you are having a lovely time in cat heaven,lovely pics of Brunnie Tracee,you will always have that lovely spot in your heart for all the beautiful memories of little Brun,thinking of you,big hugs my friend.xx

  4. Lovely post Tracee...lots of wonderful memories..

  5. Lovely tribute. They really do enrich our lives.

  6. Beautiful photos Tracee and lots of special memories

  7. Lovely photos Tracee of your precious fur-babies. Love the poem too. xx

  8. Such gorgeous photos to remember him by Tracee. They never really leave us do they.

  9. lovely series of pictures...

  10. What a big beautiful kitty he was, Tracee, and to quote my favorite Rainbow Bridge quotation: "If love could have saved you, you never would have died." Happy Birthday, Brunnie!

    Take care,
    Susan in Texas


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