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Sunday, June 30, 2013

Mrs Martin's Latest Swap

We have just had the latest swap from our Mrs Martin's Swap year - it has been in tribute to the Biggest Morning Tea. Every year on May 1 Karen from Mrs Martin's quilt shop runs a morning tea to help raise funds for the Cancer Council.
Here is what I received from my swap partner Glenys;
A gorgeous Red Brolly morning tea stitchery in variegated green threads. The big question is what I will use this to make???? It's a bit hard to capture in a pic but is really subtle & cute.

I also received the following goodies - a Bareroots sewing stitchery mini kit with all the threads, beautiful napkins that look like pretty little quilts & lots of yummy chocolates! Thanks again Glenys.

Now to my pressie for Glenys. I made a mug rug & brought a mug to match. Actually you won't be surprised to hear I did it the other way around - brought the mug then tried to match fabrics to it.

I was happy with my quilting. I used a heavier matching thread and was quite happy with the results. Getting well defined straight lines is a step forward for me! Even the back looks pretty spiffy, hope Glenys thinks so too.

I also sent Glenys some almond biccies, chai tea and a mini cook book on making more biccies (& I forgot to photograph it).

Great swap and now the next ones to look forward to are both of our birthdays, mine in July & Glenys's in early August. Should be fun!
I have been a bit quiet lately, lost my mojo completely - it didn't sneak away, it ran off screaming. I had over two weeks with no stitching, that is unheard of for me. As I was hoping, a Quilt As You Go workshop yesterday with the WA Quilters Guild has got me firing again. I am loving my results from yesterday so will do a post about them soon.

Happy stitching
Tracee xx


  1. what lovely swaps sent and received Tracee i really love your mug rug,well done ladies.
    Did you get my email Trace?

  2. Your swaps are lovely, Tracee. I know what you mean about losing your mojo; that happens to me fairly frequently. Suddenly it all seems like a bother instead of a joy, or else my creativity just flees. lol When that last one happens, I try to do some repetitive chore (like cutting up scraps into usable squares/strips) Nothing like dull work to really prime the old creative pump! A workshop or bee usually does the trick too. Glad it worked for you.

    Happy stitching,
    Susan in Texas

  3. Both gifts are lovely, I love the matched mug and fabrics. Looking forward to seeing what you got up to with the guild. xx

  4. Oh's a bummer when your mojo does a runner!!!! So glad it's back and I bet your birthday gifties will inspire too!!! Your swap gifts look great and matching mug rugs to mugs is such a great idea! Lotsa work in that BH stitchery too!!! Noice!!!
    have a great week! xox sugary hugs Wendy :O)

  5. That is beautiful quilting on the mug rug. Looks like a pretty good swap to be in too. My mojo takes off every now and again too and I find blog hopping tends to get the creativity flowing again lol.

  6. Both the gifts are very lovely. Hugs,

  7. You have both sent each other some lovely gifts. I usually buy my mugs first and then match the fabric. A couple of times I have even copied part of the mug and then appliqued it onto the rug!

  8. Beautiful gifts from both of you and Glynis. Your mug rug looks great.

  9. Hi Tracee,
    Great swaps there girl! Yummy chocolates,
    too hard to resist. Lovely gifts.
    Cheers, Anita.

  10. Lots of lovely swap gifts Tracee. Fun swap isn't it

  11. Lovely swap gifts Tracee. I can send you some of my Mojo :) I am looking forward to seeing your quilt as you go work. hugs

  12. Fun pressies for each of your. Great quilting on your mug rug :) So glad your workshop has restored your enthusiasm :)

  13. Such gorgeous presents both in and out. So glad your mojo is back, stitching can bring such pleasure. Looking forward to seeing all your birthday goodies as they arrive. Big hugs

  14. Great swap Tracee... love the mug rug you made and the stitchery you got from Glenys is lovely too. So now I know where my mojo went... it ran off with yours. If you see it will you send it back please.....;o)


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