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Friday, June 14, 2013

Winner Winner!

Hi all - sorry I forgot I said I would draw the winner of the Mollie Makes Feathered Friends book Wednesday night. I have been feeling decidely drippy this week and the result was lots of early nights and forgetting important stuff like this.

So tonight was the night. As I use the old fashioned barrel-cat picker method, first I printed all the comments, cut them apart, ready to fold up in to little pieces - no peeking Hun-Bun!

Next step was to try the sprinkle method - sprinkle the folded up entries on top of Hun-bun while he napped. The Hawthorn - Carlton game was so exciting & I yelled so loud that poor old man did not get any sleep earlier and now I was waking him up for barrel-cat duties.

Initially there was no result. Heckling from the sidelines I said 'touch one, smell one, put your paw on one - anything HB!'

Suddenly there was movement. Paws moved, the winner was grabbed, bitten and generally slurped on a bit. Aren't you glad you are only represented by paper. And the winning entry, complete with bite marks & a bit of slurp.......

Anthea of Hibiscus Stitches!

Congratulations my friend, send me an email with your address and the book will be heading South to you. Doesn't Hun-bun look very proud of his effort.

Thank you all for joining in the fun!

Happy reading
Tracee xx Hun-bun xx

PS: I have just received an email from Mollie Makes saying they have four copies of this book to giveaway too - be in to win there too, click on link here.


  1. lol thats so funny and congrats Anthea on winning such a lovely prize,great giveaway Trace and well done to HB the barrel boy,lol.xx

  2. Love this method of winner selection and gorgeous Hun-bun pics. Congratulations to A nth era.

  3. Love it... great choice HunBun....

  4. Congrats to Anthea...
    and Thanks to you Tracee! :)

  5. Congratulations Anthea, good pick Hunbun :) Barb.

  6. Congratulations to Anthea on her win.
    Mighty fine job there Hunbun.
    Cheers, Anita.

  7. Congratulations to Anthea. Well done, Hun-Bun! I don't think I could use Molly to pick names out. She would chew up the paper in 1 second flat! LOL!

  8. Poor Hun-Bun....such pressure!!!! LOL I'm so happy for Anthea....she'll be as happy as a cat in catnip! *wink*
    xox sugary hugs
    Wendy :O)

  9. Well that is certainly a novel way of picking the winner. Your definitely very creative Tracee.


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