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Sunday, October 27, 2013

Almost Holiday Time!

It's 11 sleeps until I go on holiday, well 10 really, the 11th sleep will be on the plane to Melbourne. In the rush to being ready to spend nearly 3 weeks away from home I am doing lots of secret sewing and catching up with a few chores that are possible now we are having fine weather in Perth. We have had the usual turn in weather, straight from high teens & rain to sunny & 30. This week we are forecast to peak at 35, the type of day when being at work in air-conditioning is my kind of fun. Ahhh where have the 25 degree days gone I ponder.......
Today my car had one of its bi-annual bathes. They normally occur mid year and at Christmas so this is the mid year one running late. I must have parked under trees one day last week near work as I had deposits on my windscreen and paintwork that make me wonder if pigs really do fly!
The more fun chore was replanting the vege and herb garden ready for summer salads. Baby Mia helped plant tomatoes, cherry tomatoes, celery, mixed lettuces, cucumber, silver beet, basil and parsley. There is something satisfying about seeing all that shredded paper acting as mulch that represents just a few weeks of the waste I shred at work from my accounting tasks. It seems to alert the kits that this nice fresh earth is not one big kitty toilet too so its a win all round!
HB watched all the hard work happening but he was more interested in checking out the BBQ and drooping fairy lights. He is looking forward to BBQ season, sure that he looks even more handsome under fairy light!
Another one of the jobs for this weekend was washing a large stitchery recently completed and crossing everything to hope that the threads didn't run on to the white background. I did use a colour catcher rather than run the risk and was happy to see the stitchery came out nice and white, the thread all as it should be and the colour catcher with just a light pink tint.
I did finish a couple of Christmas swap projects this weekend too and prepped a couple more so I have lots of stitching while on holiday. The pics will have to wait, hate to ruin the surprise.  And now that we get back to the subject of my holiday........... on Tuesday 6th November (late at night!) I fly to Hobart for three nights, then I drive to Launceston to stay with my dear friend Leanne, the wonderful, creative lady behind the blog Lizzie the Quilter. Leanne & her boys are willing to put up with me for five whole nights and I know Leanne & I are going to have a whole lot of fun together!
Then I fly to Melbourne and bus to Ballan to be picked up by my dear friend Shez from Enjoying Life blog. There is documented evidence from last year that Shez and I will get up to mischief especially if we are any where near Melody from The House on the Side of the Hill blog - I put it down to synergy, we have only a little mischief in each of us but all together it becomes a force for fun! On Saturday 16th November we will all be in Ballan at the Mill Rosie Bloggers Meet. I see from the post on Mel's blog that there will be so many others I can't wait to meet like Sharon & Barb & Christine..... and it goes on and on. Tissues, pack the tissues!
I am looking forward to staying at Shez's place. It is a little bit of rural paradise just like I would love to have one day. Shez and I are then doing a bit of gallivanting staying with her sister down near Geelong and having a couple of days in Torquay. My fingers are crossed that the weather warms up a bit especially for the days in Torquay, by then Shez & I may need some time relaxing around the pool..... with a cocktail..... and some stitching..... Friday 22nd I fly back to Perth and my kitty cats, the worst bit about travelling is leaving the furbabies but this time I think I will be so excited there won't be time to miss them. Don't tell HB & Mia that I said that!
Happy stitching
Tracee xx


  1. Sounds like a fantastic holiday you have planned. Enjoy every minute!

  2. Hi Tracee,

    I'm back in blogland visiting and I wanted to congratulate you on your latest kitty edition. Mia is lovely. I'm so glad she and HB are getting on; I know what a challenge it can be when they don't! Enjoy your trip. It sounds really lovely.

    Susan in Texas

  3. A couple of little birdies told me you were flying my way, can't wait to catch up with you on the 16th, Enjoy your holiday :) Barb.

  4. I'm looking forward to meeting you in person Tracee. It was a pity I couldn't catch up with you last year when you were over. I've really got to get cracking on my swap gift for Mill Rosie! See you soon!

  5. Just you make sure missy that you fit me in that visit with miss lovely to see are going to have a wonderful break tracee

  6. Have a wonderful time...

  7. cant wait Trace,safe travels my friend.xx

  8. Oh you guys will have a ball... EnJoY!!!

  9. How wonderful for you. What a great trip. I am sure there will be a whole lot of mischief... Lucky duck. Nothing nicer than homegrown veggies. Travel safe and enjoy :-)

  10. Wow what a great holiday you've got planned Tracee - you will need it after the busy-ness of getting ready to leave for it!!
    Give Leanne a big hug from me... and those other two mischievous ladies too...
    Safe Travels my friend x

  11. Enjoy your holiday Tracee! Sounds like it will be full of fun and many purchases along the way.

  12. Your holiday sounds fun, catching up with friends

  13. Ohh sounds like a wonderful holiday!!! Travel safe and have a fabulous time!

  14. Your holiday sounds wonderful and exciting!! Have fun :)

  15. I just can't wait to see you. Think I'll have to gate crash one of your shopping days together - just like last time. Big big hugs

  16. I wish you the most wonderful holidays you can have !!


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