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Monday, October 21, 2013

It Must Be Love, Love, Love!

Love No 1 - No not me, well yes me too. Little Mia is pitter pattering her way into our hearts and winning us over with her chirping & smooging.

Love No 2 - If the truth be told, Big HB is smitten with his new little friend (maybe a little toooo smitten to think of her as a sister). I think maybe I should take up match making. The big test today was taking Baby Mia & HB Honeycat to the vet, in one cage, together. I figured I couldn't handle two cages as one is very big so I took the risk of putting them in very snuggly confined space.
The new experience of togetherness did not raise a moments problem for either of them. The reason for the trip was a slightly different story. Mia needed to get her micro-chip and both had to be inspected by the Vet Nurse so I could get a certificate as proof they are both sterilised to satisfy the new WA cat laws that come into play on the 1st November.
Mia as usual was a little lady while HB found the experience a little undignified. Never before has he had to go on a car ride just so a stranger could look at his bootee and then write a letter about it! The laws in this country are going a little crazy muma, who legislates over my butt muma - travesty of justice, he meows. You know how he loves to use his legal speak......
So it was an eventful journey, one my babies endured together quite nicely. Yes I was naughty & prolonged the experience by making them pose for pictures before I let them back out of the cage too. I am so happy at the level of comfort they have with each other after only two weeks.
Love No 3 - Sew Gifts by Martingale Books. I saw an advert for this new book on Facebook as one of my favourite designers Gail Pan has a stitchery bag design in it. I decided I couldn't wait 72 days until the book was available on my usual buying site so brought the digital version.
With 25 beautiful designs including one of Gail's birdies it was a case of Now - I want it now! You know that feeling.... There are lots of pics of the projects so check them out here.
Love No 4 - I'm off on holiday the first week of November so am rapidly stitching to finish gifts and swap pressies before I go away. I decided one of my Christmas decorations just had to have Gail's new stitchery from the bag above. So fabric, felt, thread and a couple of hours on two nights and here it is looking just as cute and festive as I thought it would. I changed the flowers, used variegated threads and am very happy with the final result.
Love No 5 - from a shared pic on Facebook I found this gorgeous blog called The Crafty Quilter that has a Christmas tutorial each month & there are some beauties amongst them. Check them out and see if they inspire you too! Winter Seeds Table Topper has me swooning.....
Feeling the love, hope you are too!
Happy stitching
Tracee xx HB xx Mia xx


  1. lovely new books and I love the xmas decoration. Glad that your two furries are getting on so well together.

  2. I'm glad to hear that HB and Mia are getting along so well. Your Christmas ornament is lovely Tracee.

  3. I'm so happy that the beautiful fur babies are getting along well. They both look so adorable together. Gorgeous ornament. Hugs,xx

  4. ... so much love... great post... HB and Mia are the latest BFF....

  5. Becoming BFF I see. And I love the ornie! :)

  6. So glad the cats are good friends now, I knew they would be, Lovely ornament, don't forget to bring some stitching on holidays with you. I have big plans for us,

  7. Great to hear the the fur babies are getting along. Lovely stitching. hugs

  8. Good to see your babies are getting along now!! ... I saw that book too - I think you've encouraged me to move it to the top of the wish list, lol! Your little ornament using Gail's stitchery is gorgeous!!! ... Enjoy your upcoming holiday!!

  9. what a lovely new feline addition to your household.
    glad that they are getting along, makes life so much easier.
    lovely new projects too.

  10. How exciting having a new puss and it's so good that they are getting on well. Your new book looks great and I love your Christmas ornament.


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