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Saturday, November 23, 2013

I'm Back!

Here I am home again after nearly 3 weeks away in Tassie & Victoria. You may already know what I have been up to as I seem to have cropped up on quite a few of the blogs of the gorgeous ladies I have met & spent happy times with.
I have plenty to share too & pics of all the goodies I brought home but today's my first day home & I seem to have a mix of motion & sleepy sickness so it has been an easy day, all that will follow soon.
For now the important stuff, the furbabies & some gorgeous surprises I came home too. HB has stuck around since I got home about 8.30pm last night and been very noisy, getting attention to made sure he has had plenty of cuddles to make up for the lost time. Here he is smooging with his muma tonight after again crying for attention.

Yes he is on the table, yes he is very spoilt & no we don't use the table to eat at! It's one of his latest 'things', he will only sit up high, not on the floor. He even tries to eat his food by hanging over his bowl standing on the treadmill that is beside it. I should get a pic, it looks quite funny. Yes, HB is a 'special' boy!
Mia is not a cuddly girl but she has had some chirpy conversations with me, rolls on her head in my presence and treated me to a very enjoyable game of tag in the back yard late last night. She was there to greet me this morning, happily relaxing on top of the washing machine. She is such a little lady.
Now to two lovely parcels that were waiting for me when I got home. The first is from my Mrs Martin's Swap partner Glenys. We have done so well in this swap, making beautiful things for each other and this swap to celebrate Mrs Martin's quilting day in early November was just as good.
We were to send each other a block that we can finish in to what ever item takes our fancy. Glenys sent me this gorgeous Christmas block with three plum puddings & room to embellish with stitchery words. She also sent the cutest gingerbread man braid, a sweet little set of green scissors and a Threadworx Thread in Christmas red & green. Shez & I were looking for this colourway of thread in Ballarat just yesterday morning but they had sold out so jackpot again in that choice Glenys. Thanks very much, love my gifts!
Here's the block I sent Glenys, along with some extra pansy fabric, three matching DMC threads and some yummy sounding Blueberry Lindt chocolate - very lucky that made it to the postbox!
The other parcel I came home to was totally unexpected & very sweet. Anorina of Samelia's Mum website has a 52 Week Scrap Challenge running via her blog and as a Facebook group that I belong too. I am way behind but so far have made some lovely little projects from Anorina's designs.
Anorina herself made some needle cases that really took my fancy as they included fabric by Lynette Anderson called Stitches & including the cutest kitty on a pile of quilts (it looks a little like little brunnie). In my parcel was a gorgeous antique sewing machine card saying Anorina wanted to send me this gift as she knows how I love my furry friends. Wrapped inside some of the beautiful Stitches fabric was the kitty needlecase I loved so much. What a gorgeous little pile of happiness to come home too. Thanks again Anorina! x
This afternoon my friend & kitty-sitter Frank was packing up the ute to hit the road for his next adventure back to Queensland. It kind of looks like Mia has decided she is going too...... No matter how early he leaves tomorrow morning, I better get up and check under that tarp for my little girl before he is allowed to leave!

 Purrs from all of us!
Tracee xx  HB xx Mia xx


  1. glad you home safe and sound and had a great time away.............

  2. Glad to see you home safe & sound. I bet the gorgeous purr babies were so happy to see you. Nice goodies to come home too. Hugs,xx

  3. So glad you arrived home safe and sound to find your little furbabies healthy and as cheeky as ever.

  4. Glad to hear you are back home safe and sound. I hope Shez didn't lead you astray! LOL! I bet HB and Mia are just so glad to have you back. Lovely packages you received too.

  5. What a wonderful welcome. Lots of purring and cuddles from your furry friends and nice parcels too.... I saw you had a fabulous time away but it is always nice to be home too.

  6. You must be happy to be home with your babies, I had such a great time with you, I can't wait for you to come back,

  7. You have had a lovely time away...and a loving greeting when you returned!

  8. It looked like you had a fantastic holiday... but there is no place like home. Although with Leanne and Shez... you had one/two other homes while you were away too! :)

  9. Glad you are home and had such a fantastic time....

  10. Welcome back, hope you had a great time!!
    Bet the babies are glad you're home!!
    Cheers, Anita.

  11. Hope you are up to speed again real soon. Your babies look very impressed you decided to come home. Lovely seeing all your adventures with bloggy friends x

  12. Just bet you were having fun with that troublemaker Shez :)

  13. I know the fur babies were glad to have their mama home with them. Hope you had the most wonderful time.


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