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Friday, March 4, 2011

Stitch A Long Month 1

Today is one of those days when I feel there is a lot to be grateful for. No big reason for it today, it's just one of those days when you know how lucky you are.

In particular today I am thankful for the following;

1. That I have a fulfilling job, working directly with a person I adore & with workmates that are great, that also allows me to work only three days a week.

2. For the lovely girls I quilt with on a Thursday each week. Like most quilting groups, we are all that & so much more to each other.

3 For joining the 2011 Stitich-A-Long making Natalie Bird's Tis The Season Christmas stitchery quilt. It forced me start a blog something I have been procrastinating over for ages, meet new people online and spend a lot more time on my quilting. All positives!

So we are doing 2 blocks a month in the SAL starting this month & I am finding it very hard to believe that on the 4th of the month I have finished my 2 blocks & not just the stitcheries which is my usual habit. I have also done the piecing so the blocks are completely finished.  Loving the results!

One thing I learnt is when you trim your stitchery blocks back to 4.5 inches, you have to be very accurate with the cutting. A couple of millimetres one way or the other & the stitched outline can disappear into your 1/4 inch seam. I'm not sure I am happy with the top block for this reason so the quick unpick may have a job to do soon.

Happy stitching
Tracee xx


  1. What a lovely post! i love your blocks...they look great!

  2. Hey.........glad your part of the SAL.......I stitched my first border on and then traced the block and it just fitted.......have to be careful.......

  3. Your blocks are just gorgeous, just love your fabrics!

  4. You cold put all your block together first then do your stitchery that mite work better. I think your block look good.

  5. Popped over from the SAL blog to say HI...Your blocks are lovely with your fabrics..yep know what you mean about cutting them back..have been caught myself before with this...


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