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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Another Month Passed...

The months are flying by as they seem to do once you get over about 30...... As if there is enough sewing time without that happening???

Blogger has given me headaches this month but freed up my time for sewing when I couldn't get online or comment on my favourite blogs. I have missed not getting to (email & comment) talk to you all as much as usual but hopefully blogger is fixed so it will be all go for June. I need my inspiration & motivation by seeing all the amazing things you make & a laugh at your happy goings on.

I have been busy with sewing though & seem to have gone hexie flower crazy. My goal was 12 but it appears I have finished 40 this month. My dilema is that they do not go together & I haven't made a scrappy quilt so am feeling very unnerved at the thought of these 52 flowers being in 1 quilt.

I joined the WA Quilters Guild finally this year at the Quilt Show & last Friday went to the Guild Hexie &Crazy Quilt Club. Wow, some amazing talent there & crazy quilting is on the 'to do' list. They assured me that if I brought in a sheet, lots of pins & my flowers with me once all completed, we could put it on the wall & place them together and I would be very happy. Great idea.

This pic in the March Issue of Real Living Magazine helped too, the flowers are bigger & there are none of Leanne's beautiful stitchery hexies but the colours are bold & random and I still love it so there is hope for mine yet.

I finished my next two Tis The Season blocks for the online Stitch-a-long;

I have sewn my three reject TTS blocks in to a wall hanging but it is missing something so until I decide what, it isn't quite finished. Block 3 stitchery of the Retro Nine Patch is finished & I have almost finished another Life is Beautiful stitchery (will be completed later tonight).

I also made myself a sewing machine cover using quilt as you go. That was a new learning curve but if you don't look too hard at the back you can't tell it is slightly out of alignment. At least this project was my trial so I now know what to do & what not to do. I love the fabric & its been in my stash since the first quilt fair I went to about 6 years ago. It has the Brun cat seal of approval too.

I also made this little pillow for my little mate Megs whose family I spent Mothers Day with - such fun! It says 'The Value of a Mothers Love, Can Not Be Measured, Only Treasured'. Perfect for mummy Megs!

My two fur-boys are loving having the gas fire going at night & I am loving having them both closeby. Little old Brun's athritis is playing up in his back legs but we try to keep it at bay with doses of fish oil & his napping the day away on mums electric blanket.

Honey's favourite day bed is on his recliner with his blankie & his girlfriend. She's the strong, silent type but nice to cuddle up too.

Happy June to you all!
Tracee xx Brun xx & Honey xx


  1. You have been the hexies and love that inspiring pic too. Joining the Guild will be really inspirational for you.

  2. Lovely post Tracee. Hexagons are great take-it-with-you craft, and it's amazing how quick they add up. You will find that when yours are all mixed up in a quilt they will look amazing. Love all your other projects too..
    Someone gave me the hint that if you unclick the keep me signed in box you will have no problems and so far it is working.. Have a great day.xx

  3. Gorgeous Hexies you are making...Guilds are Great for Friendship & Inspiration...
    Lots of Lovely Stitching.

  4. You just wait and see what happens to time when you get to 50!!! haha.... such a lot of lovely work.... I am a real scrappy fan so I think your mixed up hexie flowers will be wonderful....have fun with the Guild....

  5. I think your hexies are going to look beautiful all together....scrappy quilts are my favourites. You've gots heaps of stitching done. Very nice. I really enjoyed your post. Glad you're back.

  6. Great to hear from you Tracee, I've missed your posts. Your hexie flowers are lovely and it is surprising how good a variety can look together - check out Jane's blog at Want It Need It Quilt. She's got such a mixture and yet they look fabulous together.
    Hugs to the kitties, it's lovely to see them again as well.

  7. Well done - very productive (as usual). I love all your projects especially your sewing machine cover!

  8. busy busy here..............enjoy the group..........always nice to share skills and interests...........

  9. I love your kitty and your projects, they're just too awesome. Keep at it!

  10. Hello Tracee, don't be daunted by the end result of you hexagons.....they will blend.....just a matter of placement...I feel the same way with my Civil War blocks...Warm Regards, Lyn


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