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Sunday, May 1, 2011

Update Post Bloggers Block!

Hi all, about time I updated what I have accomplished in April. I have had a bad case of bloggers block for the last week. No posting, no reading, no replying to emails - sorry about that. Don't know what came over me but I did get lots of stitching done.

So here's what I've been up to;

Tis The Season SAL - two more blocks done & the quilt label. I love that I am up to date on this!

Life is Beautiful - three more stitcheries done

Retro Nine Patch - Blocks one & two finished, have two more to do by 15th May to catch up. Can't wait to see how these are used in the finished quilt. It's a mystery......

Vignette Hexie Quilt - 26 hexies done, my new addiction!

That's my ongoing projects covered. I will leave the UFOs & another new project completed for later in the week though there is a peek below.

Little Brun is feeling sad & fragile today. He woke me up this morning with choking noises, foaming mouth & lots of fur ball troubles. For any non cat people, that is fur built up in his tummy from licking in case you were worried that it's a genital problem! My modus operandi when it comes to my fur boys is simple - panic. After 10 minutes of throat & tummy massage & dribble wiping I thought we had a quick trip to the vet needed fast. But while I scrambled in to clothes & fretted about vets being open he wheezed and dealt with things himself by getting up a big, slimy furry bundle deposited for me in the bathroom. Thank goodness!!! Now he is sunning himself on the sewing table, not up to eating yet but has managed some water so doing AOK. A sit on the couch with mum making hexies while watching the latest Harry Potter should bring him back to his normal self. My poor baby...

And on a happy note - thanks very much to Di & Miss Gracie from Quilting is Blissful who sent me a mug rug in the mail as a surprise. It's gorgeous & as I am a fairly new blogger I have missed this addiction but now I have one of my own featuring beautiful bunnies. Precious!

Happy stitching & if life sends you fur balls, may they all be slippery ones!
Tracee xx


  1. always nice to have a little break........your TTS blocks look great and yes you got lots of stitching done...........wonderful.........

  2. WE missed you... I see your fingers have been busy though... it's all lovely.. and your fur model!!

  3. my you have been super busy - your work looks fantastic, hope puss is feeling better.

  4. I have just popped over to look at your blog, your work is amazing.. I love all your creations.. I am just starting to get into this type of things. i love working with paper. Looking forward to making and buying you some pressies..

  5. wow busy fingers you have been , way to go girl somuch lovliness-love your label it is gorgeous...and your furry friend is cute too,cheers Vickie

  6. Hi Tracee, all your stitching is beautiful! Hope your kitty is ok now, they are pretty self sufficient aren't they...

  7. Hello Tracee, it happens with have been busy ...enjoyed reading your post...and seeing your hexies...Regards, Lyn

  8. Your Stitch A Long is looking amazing and I really love your hexies!


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