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Monday, April 25, 2011

Happy Easter & ANZAC Day

Hope everyone has had a happy, safe and relaxing Easter weekend & ANZAC Day.

It has been a brilliant weekend weather wise in Perth, not hot, not cold & some of that strange wet stuff. Yes, it RAINED, in PERTH & the forecast is for a bit more in the next few days to come & not a day over  24 degrees, autumn at last.

My normally unproductive sandy garden is currently prolific in yellow passionfruit too. I'm thinking maybe a passionfruit curd recipe might be worth a try.

The boys have had a lovely weekend too, young Honey played in the garden for while,

Old Brun snuck away & had nice naps in his mum's bed on the electric blanket left on 1 for him to warm his old bones.

It was one of my favourite days today too, ANZAC Day. We get to acknowledge the brave men & women of all the armed forces past and present & remember all who have gone before us & fought for the life & liberty we now have as lucky Aussies & Kiwis (or in my case both - an Auswi!).

This means my favourite footy match of the year, the Collingwood vs Essendon ANZAC Day game. Have I ever mentioned I like footy, well I don't, I LOVE FOOTY! While being in WA, I am an Eagles girl, but I just love great footy so love any great player & team and will watch any match possible.

Sorry, that means I do love Collingwood (I know, I hear the boo, hiss & roar from here) but also think Essendon is gaining mementum this year, how could they not with the return of James & assistance by Bomber Thompson - Go Bombers! So today I was in my element but in between couch coaching did manage to get lots of hexie flowers cut out ready to glue & sew.

Here's my progress to date towards the Vignette Hexagon Flower Quilt. 12 down, 128 to go. Should be finished by ANZAC Day next year, I hope.

Happy stitching
Tracee xx


  1. I have a wonderful recipe for passion fruit butter.. is that like curd??? Although I could just eat them as they are lol!!! Love your hexies! Hope you had a wonderful Easter xx

  2. Don't think I've seen Yellow Passionfruits before...they look Gorgeous though...
    Your Hexie's are Lovely ...Great Fussy Cutting you are doing...

  3. Thank goodness it rained for you! I remember living in Perth & rarely seeing & dry for weeks on end. Love your hexies too!

  4. Old Brun looks like a tiny kitten in that picture and Honey looks like a mountain lion! Your hexies are adorable. I love the way you are fussy cutting them to be "just so". 8)

    Happy quilting,
    Susan in Texas

  5. Pleased you had some rain! Your hexies are just beautiful...just love the ones with the fussy cut roses!

  6. I love those yellow passionfruit. They have thrived in all the rain we have had this year. Passionfrut curd is yummy and goes well on cup cakes. I also like smoothies with the passionfruit added after blending.I am not much into football or hexies but your hexie flowers look lovely. Of course your pussy cats are very cute.


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