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Friday, April 8, 2011

Chaos & Bliss

Who could believe that something so little could cause such chaos!

Yes, I am late but have finally caught on to the hexie craze & this is my little template I brought from Quiltjane at Want It, Need It, Quilt. The best $3.50 investment in my quilting happiness!

And this is the result of this little tiny template entering the house & my sewing room,

Beautiful fabric chaos everywhere as I pull out what I think will work for my Vignette Hexie Quilt.

And dozens of little matches for future flowers. Bliss!

At least last night while watching the AFL Footy Show I did manage to make my first two flowers. Needless to say - HOOKED! I even got up & matched up those fabrics about 1am as my mind was spinning with fabric goodness.

So 2 down, 138 to go if I want to make the same size quilt as Leanne has in Vignette Issue 2.

I download & print my own hexie papers from here.

Of course, as I write Little Brun is sunning himself in the window behind me. He is so lucky to have a nice furry tail to keep the sun off his nose.

His old bones love the sun & alas (for him) the seasons are at last changing in Perth with rain yesterday, for the first time in months & no days forecast over 29 in the next week so far. After 50+ days over 32 this summer, his mummy is loving this change of weather to something more suited to quilting & snuggling.

Happy stitching
Tracee xx


  1. I'm so glad you have the bug too. It is so much fun. Your first hexies are so lovely.
    Kisses to the kitties.

  2. I am not going to give in to hexies :D
    All my cats are starting to cuddle up on the bed and the lounge and sunny corners.

  3. Glad it is a bit cooler there now. Love the hexies!

  4. Oh, so you are going to make the one in Vignette. I'll have to see. So much to catch up and do!!

  5. bit warm for you guys in WA then? summer is SA was a lot less hot than normal. I have been here for 20 years, but I'm still not quite a lover of the 40 degree days or heat waves!

  6. Your hexies look good is that little template I have one as well..


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