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Thursday, April 7, 2011

Teddy Bears Picnic

I have some elderly friends who have packed a picnic & are ready to join in with the teddy bears.

These two old dears are from the Care Bear family. Back in 1982 when I was a 16 year old sewing my own clothes, I had an urge to make these babies for the two most important women in my life.

The blue care bear was a present for my Aunty, who was a hige part of my life, more a second mum. He has been treasured by her & always in her bedroom ever since until her passing 4 years ago. He has been well loved & played with by grand children & great grandchildren. He even survived a few trips through the washing cycle to clean him up from sticky fingers. When I returned to New Zealand over Christmas my Uncle asked if I wanted to take himback to Oz with me which I thought was a beautiful idea. So 29 years later he is back with me to live out his elder years.

The white one is a Care Bear Lamby, an obvious favourite for a Kiwi teenager! I made him at that same time for my mum. Poor lamby, note his feet are on upside down so the hearts on the soles of his feet are the wrong way around. He hasn't been subjected to the washing machine so has a lovely sprinkling of dust over his face like a dusting of freckles. Mum has also passed away in late 2009 so he is back with me too.

So my old care bears now sit in my bedroom, making me laugh as I look at lamby's wonky feet & my early applique skills on their hearts as well as yet another reminder of my mum & Aunty who I treasured so much. They don't get out much so I thought a picnic with new friends would be just the occasion they need!

Come join in at Melody's blog.

Happy stitching & picnicing!
Tracee xx


  1. Your Care Bears are so cute, I'm sure they'll have a fun time on the picnic today. Cheers Kaylee

  2. what beautiful stories these guys have and how clever of you at 16 to sew these with so much love and now they are back home,how sweet.

  3. What a special duo Tracee and how lovely they are back with you and hold such dear memories for you. I love the upside down paws. Anybody can have their feet right side up!!!

  4. I love these two with their lovely life tales. Thanks for bringing them along to play today.

  5. Lovely story ,your care bears are so sweet and I am sure they will enjoy the picnic.

  6. These little bears are really charming and I loved reading their stories. Thank you so much for bringing them on the picnic.

  7. I missed your teddy bears the other day. I just love the care bear lamby. The look on it's face is priceless.


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