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Sunday, April 17, 2011

19 Today....

There's a big birthday today here. My baby Brun has turned 19!

Like Royalty he wanted an official birthday portrait, so here it is. Not looking bad for an old fella!

Here's the full story....

Mum, don't watch footy, watch MEEEEEoooowwwwwww!!!!

Then curl up on the couch with your favourite blankie for a well deserved nap. Dreaming that he & his little, big brother will get something nice for dinner..........

Purrs & Happy stitching
Tracee xx (& Brutus & Honey)


  1. Neet toes, how come a hawthorn player, given up on eagles, or you practicing for when you become a Tasweigen??

  2. How wonderful! Happy birthday Brun! Tuna and sardine cake for dessert?

  3. How fantastic. You must be a good cat parent to Have such a long lived little pet.

  4. Happy Birthday Brun. He looks like he gets what ever he wants because he is so cute:)

  5. What an elder statesman! Happy Birthday from aris the cat here!

  6. Happy birthday Brun. A few days ago (13 april) it was also my birthday, i am only 11 years so i hope i also will become 19 or older :-)

    Cat paws,

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