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Monday, April 4, 2011

Giveaways & Winnings

Hi all, here are some more opportunities to win some lovely crafty prizes from generous bloggers & a look at my two recent wins;

Tess from Raggedy Station has opened a lovely new quilting store. If you are near Boronia Heights in QLD, go to her blog for the address & go visit. If like me, it is a long way away, get in for a taste of her lovely fabrics by entering at her blog to win 12 stunning black & white fat quarters & a lace button. Even the bow is beautiful!

Rachel at Stitched in Colour is having a week of giveaways for her blogiversary so get in quick, everday from now for patterns & lovely fabric.

And now my show & tell of how lucky I have been in blog world already!

This gorgeous sewn bag with lovely pink birdies on yellow, pink opening & lining was made by Diane from Quilting is Blissful blog & came all the way to me from New York state. Wow, wow & WOW! It will be put to good use gently so it lasts forever!

An extra bonus purrfect for a mum to fur-babies like me is the 'Paws For A Cause' Keychain from Check out this wonderful site too.

Thanks so much Diane, I am very, very happy with my first blog win! xx

These four lovely fat quarters of fabric were my second win from the lovely Terri of Terri's Place blog. Very yummy fabrics & it came with a very big added bonus. Terri is in Perth too so I dropped by for a few hours to pick up my win & more importantly share quilt & cat stories, laughs, and make a lovely new friend. How amazing & we will do it all again soon. Thank you Terri, for a lovely afternoon as well as my beautiful fabrics. xx

Lucky me!

Happy stitching
Tracee xx

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