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Wednesday, June 1, 2011

A Jelly Roll Race

My sweet friend Elly, a fellow quilter sent me this link for a very quick jelly roll quilt.
Check it out - race anyone?

Cute idea with all the gorgeous jelly rolls out there. I've never used a JR but might just have too soon.

Happy (& racy) stitching
Tracee xx


  1. That looks like it was a lot of fun...a quilt top in 35 mins - wow!!

  2. I've seen this one and isn't she fast... I think it was 35 mins?
    Anyway enjoy the coming weekend. HaPPy SeWinG!

  3. I did's fun...........

  4. Jelly rolls are my fav. They are so quick and easy to make a quick quilt. Love them.

  5. Hi
    Thanks for sharing!
    I'm a bit of a newbie and I think I could do that too!

  6. Thanks for the link Tracee... it was a lot of fun... but I don't know how she did it that quickly

  7. great idea - so obvious - and fun!


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